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My first were the Sand LWB.
I have some Carmina single monks in Navy Shell with dark brown edge trim and I really like the look. You can kinda see what it looks like in the picture.
With the rising price of American-made shoes (I'm looking at both AE and Alden) Carmina becomes a good alternative. Their higher quality is noticeable and their last are dressier than anything AE or Alden offers. There's still a place in my closet for AE (a large place actually) but I do love my Carminas as well.
Yes I think that it is. The only unlined are the AE Daltons and the Alden Captoe Boot they are the only ones that I can compare directly using on the the thickness of the shell.With that said, my AE shell shoes (somewhere around 10 pair) are all consistent in the way the shell feels. Same thing with my Aldens. I actually think that AE and Alden are close in terms of quality. Almost all my AE shoes are dressier (with the exception of some boots) and all of my Aldens...
I have the unlined shell daltons (Walnut Shell) and I also have a pair of Alden captoe boots that have an unlined tongue. The Shell on the Aldens is significantly thicker than the shell on the AE's. I'm not sure if this means anything. My daltons have almost zero creasing after lots of wear so being think doesn't seam to have an impact on the boot wear.As an additional side note, I have multiple Carmina shell shoes and the shell on my caimans is thicker than the shell...
Just got a cancellation on my Sale Item purchase from last week so of course I had to order some more stuff off the sale site.
My last thought. Any chance there will be any on the "End for our Friends" this go around? It really is no big deal as I can use a grey sport coat.Thanks again!
Hey Mike, I sent a PM as well so feel free to answer at either place. I just purchased the Weller Grey Merino Wool Sportcoat (insane deal at $150). Any chance of getting some custom matching pants in the same material? I can use the coat as a stand alone but I'd love a suit.
That's not "allegedly", it came straight from Tom's mouth. I'm one of the ones who will never buy from LS. I still enjoy looking at their makeups but I just won't support their business practices. It's their decision (and right) to run their business the way they want and it's my decision to not give them my business.
Bummed out. I put the three remaining XL white t-shirts in my cart this morning. I went back a few hours later and they are all gone. That's what I get for waiting.
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