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When I've ordered directly from Carmina it's been hit or miss on duties. If they were shipped FedEx or UPS I usually got a bill in the mail later. If they were shipped DHL then I did not receive a duty bill.
It's happened twice that I know of. I've purchased a total of 5 pair from the $299 sales. I'm not sure when it may happen again as I recall the sale was to reduce shell inventory.
More shell! Walnut Shell Daltons - These have 50+ wears and still show very little creasing.
I think I should sell my Ravello Wing Tip boots.
Katz's Deli on E HoustonPrepare to wait though.
Make me want to put my cigar and ravello boots on ebay. I can live without them for that kind of money.
Color 4 boots are now at over $1,500 on ebay.
If you know of a SWB Whiskey run please let me know. That's about the last Alden shoe that I would like to get.
Wearing my Black Shell Park Avenues today. I've worn these several times and at the $299 2nd price point I consider them an excellent value. With that said, there are several things that irk me about these shoes. These shoes creased on the outside of the captoe on the right shoe. Not a big deal but I notice. There is also a lot of bowing around my ankle. So much so that I was willing to send them back until I tried putting an additional insole in them. This cut down...
The tear would concern me. I'm not sure if it could be repaired or not.
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