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Is this because of shrinkage?
I was about to go to lunch. Glad I waited!
It's suppose to be in the 70's this weekend so I'm waiting for the cotton and linen cloth. Hopefully, the cold days are behind us (at least here in South Louisiana) and by the time these get here it will be just right for lighter weight trousers.
I don't see the Cream of Wheat in the drop down any longer. I did try to check out with it about 5 minutes ago and it said that there was no inventory. After that I could no longer see it.
Just got here. Hoping to score some Rudy Pants today. I missed out on everything I tried for last go round. Credit Card is ready to go!
I guess the good thing is that your shoes can probably be stretched enough to accommodate the width of your foot. I've had great success using B Nelson to stretch shell shoes. I bought a pair of Carmina Shells without trying them on (as no one close to me stocks them). I had them stretched about a quarter size wider and now they fit great (exchange wasn't possible).
These are some of my favorite shoes. Some may remember this but several years AE had these listed for $250 on their website. It was a sale they were running for the calfskin version but they inadvertently offered the shell version as the same price. It was only up for about an hour or so and they honored all the purchases made during that time.
That's what mine were.
Here are a slightly worn pair of Allen Edmonds Cambridge shoes in Brown Brogue Suede. I purchased directly from Allen Edmonds as first quality shoes several years ago. I have literally worn these shoes only a handful of times. I had a top installed as soon as I received them. Free shipping to anywhere in the US. Shoe Trees not included. The shoes show no creasing at all (one of my favorite characteristic of suede).
Here are a pair of Allen Edmonds Black Shell Cordovan Park Avenues. They are a 9.5D. I purchased from the Shoe Bank about 6 months ago. They have been worn roughly 5 times. There is some bowing on both shoes which I negated by putting insoles in the shoes. With the insoles the bowing was not noticeable. Please note that the shoes have been creased. Free Shipping to the US. Shoe Trees Included.
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