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That Blue Flannel… If I needed blue pants and could justify the heavy weight I would jump on these. I love that shade.
The site must be on overload status! Can't get it to load at all.
Never even saw the burgundy hopsack as an option
Hi Mike, I've been out of pocket for a while but I have two questions. 1. I think I remember talk of a jean that was patterned after (or close to) the rudy cut. Did this ever happen? 2. Was there talk about a southwick MTO suiting option? I get more compliments on my Epaulet Southwick suit than any other and I would like to be able to buy other suits in the same cut in fabrics besides the grey and navy hopsack. Thanks!
Weather got cold enough to break out some boots. Wore the Cigar Indys yesterday but no pic. Today is the Ravello Shortwing Boots from TSM. I bought these in 2011. I think they were just over $600 at the time. I bought them with the Cigar LWB. These were my first two Aldens and my first shell shoes. I remember TSM having lots of Ravello, Whiskey, and Cigar back then.
Cigar PTB in the 9D list.
Got me thinking about some pretty good sales we've seen along the way. 2 for $250 was good! Didn't they also use to have a 2 for $200? $299 shell seconds from last year was great (I think I ended up with 5 pairs from that one). I'm not sure anyone remembers this but a few years ago there was a few hours that AE accidentally marked some shell shoes on their website down to $250. I was lucky enough to grab a pair of shell Bradleys (which I'm wearing today). That was...
Hey Leaves, can you find out how much some whole cuts in this leather would cost?
Does anyone ever stock or do a run of Carmina Alligator shoes? I have a pair of the double monks in lizard and I absolutely love them. I really like the alligator whole cuts found in the first post of this thread but I never see any shoes in the more exotic skins. I think Skoaktiebolagot did a pair that had a crocodile vamp around the laces but I've seen nothing else out there. Just curious why we don't see more.
I've been A-Wall for a while but finally got around to ordering the Navy Sport Trainers. Excited about getting them.
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