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Hey Mike, I sent a PM as well so feel free to answer at either place. I just purchased the Weller Grey Merino Wool Sportcoat (insane deal at $150). Any chance of getting some custom matching pants in the same material? I can use the coat as a stand alone but I'd love a suit.
That's not "allegedly", it came straight from Tom's mouth. I'm one of the ones who will never buy from LS. I still enjoy looking at their makeups but I just won't support their business practices. It's their decision (and right) to run their business the way they want and it's my decision to not give them my business.
Bummed out. I put the three remaining XL white t-shirts in my cart this morning. I went back a few hours later and they are all gone. That's what I get for waiting.
I believe that the other two pair sold for around $1,400 and the other around $1,800.
Here are some LWB in #2 Shell. If I'm not mistaken Alden of Carmel had 20 pair of these made for their 20th anniversary. These would fit me but will not doubt go above what I will pay for a pair shoes. My question though is this, how did this seller get 3 pair of these shoes? He's already sold 2 other pair of identical shoes in different sizes. http://www.ebay.com/itm/121514484518
I wear my shell leeds with suits all the time.
I tried for the Postman Blue the second it showed up and I didn't even get to the payment stage and it was gone.
I think everyone has tasted failure today at some point.
Don't worry about it. The sale is over. Nothing to see here. J/K on the Epaulet site under New Arrivals and then Ends for Friends. Mike puts up left over fabric from the factory. Usually only enough to make 1-2 pair of pants.
Looks like a rich dark blue to me.
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