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Did anyone get pics of the fabrics offered today like on one of the previous events? I'd like to see what was offered.
Man…went to get one of those white t-shirts in the sale section and it was gone before I could finish checking out. I have a grey one and it is an awesome shirt. I did see that the Veneto is back in stock in a 42R. It disappeared during the additional 25% off last week.
As much as I hate it I'm going to have to sit this round of Ends out. The rivet is not my favorite pants fit so I'm not too bummed out. It also helps that I scored two great fabrics last week and in my favorite Rudy fit. I've promised to spend the day with my wife and kids so we are heading to New Orleans for a few hours. It also helps that Dillards is having 75% off some of their suits and I have a salesman that that has several Hickeys in my size for sub $400. Who...
I have always used the same SA when buying seconds. She call me as she has the shoes in her hand and describe what the flaw is. There have been times where she, not I, said that these were too damaged and she wouldn't recommend buying. When the seconds I want are at a different store she'll give me the option to have them shipped straight to me or to have them shipped to her where she'll inspect them before they come to me. I have never returned a pair of seconds and...
Did anyone grad screeshots of the Jet Stream Hopsack or the Forest Floor? I'd like to see them.
Glad I join in on the Ends for Friends this time around. I actually ended up with the Tattersal Hopsack and the newly added Indigo Baseball stripe linen. All in the Rudy fit. Excited about getting them made. They will be perfect for spring/summer.
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did I miss he hopsack Tattersall? I think it only last 0.00003 seconds.
Is 110 the weight? Or are these Barbers going to be heavy flannel?
Is this because of shrinkage?
I was about to go to lunch. Glad I waited!
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