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What shoes do you want?
Got my EFF Rudy trousers today. Tattersall Hopsack and Baseball Stripe Linen.
Part two of my Carmina Haul. Cognac Shell SWB. Thanks to a fellow SF member for selling these to me. I wanted to buy them from the Carmina site but they were sold out before I get them. These are Rain last. Both pair are 8.5UK and fit very similar.
I plan to wear the shoes as both dress shoes and casual shoes. I'll wear them on Easter with a Kahki colored suit but I think I'll end up wearing them with spoatcoats on a regular basis. I'm a minister so I'm dressed up just about everyday.
I wear the same size in both Forest and Rain. I don't find the Rain last to be much wider in the way the shoes wear. When I first tried the Forest shoes on I experienced a little heel slippage but that quickly went away after I wore the shoes inside for several hours.I think he pics (as they look on my screen) do represent the true color. There is not much red in the shoes at all. The toes on mine have a nice burnishing effect. I'm very pleased with the purchase.
Carmina Brown Calf / Suede Wingtips.
WOW! I tried to purchase shell shoes and my CC company denied the charges because of it being a foreign currency. I went back this morning to make the same purchase using paypal and the shoe prices were way higher! I really did try to make the purchase and I asked Betty if she could honor the old price. If not then I'll just purchase the calfskin version.
Just received my Forest last brown suede/calf combo wingtips. They absolutely rock. I have a pair of Cognac Shell Rain last wingtips on the way and I think i'm about to order some back shell balmorals in the next day or so.
Just got shipping confirmation on my ties from last night. I hope Mike (or somebody) picked out some good ones!
You weren't playing around were you? They look great. Mine will be here on Friday.
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