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The tear would concern me. I'm not sure if it could be repaired or not.
The hole I could live with but the tear is unacceptable.
How old are these? They look more Cigar than #8. Awesome looking shoes!
No, I changed the edge on these myself. There is a post about it somewhere on the thread.
It's been a LWB kind of week. Cigar LWB on Wed. Sand Suede LWB on Thur. Today are my #8 LWB
Sand Suede LWB on the Leydon Last for this hot day.
All this talk about the "good o' days". When I bought my first Aldens TSM had Cigar, Ravello, and Whiskey in several different makeups. My first two were Ravello WT boots and Cigar LWB (wearing those today). A year or so later I got some Cigar Indy's from TSM as well. I believe the LWB were around $620 and the Ravello boots were only a few dollars more. The cigar Indy boots were $702 and that was the first time I broke the $700 mark. With Carmina MTO's I've done that...
I believe that this is the Leffot version.If not, then they had similar pair with brass eyelets.
I bought this suit few months back for about $360. It's my second J Crew suit and for this price point I like it.
Here are my $299 shell Patriots from last year. I also got $299 shell Patriots in Brown, PA in Black, and Leeds in #8
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