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Biggest regret for me is not a particular item but it's not getting more FF rivets last go around. I didn't know my size so I was scarred to order more than one pair. This is a mistake that WILL NOT happen again.Also, thinking back I should have jumped on the Carmina Cognac bal boots.
The first time I bought Aldens I purchased a Cigar LWB and a Ravello WT boot from TSM. These two pair are still some of my favorite Alden shoes. Here are the Cigar LWB
The Portland boot is back up on the AE website but if i'm not mistaken the price has been increased. It's now $395
I think they would look fine. The Carmina burgundy isn't all that red. It's not as eggplant/purple as Alden is. I actually prefer the Carmina color for dress clothes.
Hope ya'll have a great time!
That's what everybody outside the SEC says. 7 BCS titles in a row speaks for itself.
Wow. I grew up in Rock Hill as well. I left when I was 17 and joined the Marines. I recently moved back here (as in since June) to become Pastor of a church. What age group are you in. I am 32.Epaulet has a pretty good following in the Palmetto state!
I got them in the same size BUT since they are boots I also usually wear them with thicker socks.
Here is the response I got concerning the Portland boot. "Thank you for your email earlier today. The Portland boot will be available in the US. There are some adjustments made to to the last and then later this fall season it will be available for order. A specific date is currently not available. Thank you for your patience as well as your interest in Allen Edmonds footwear."
When I was in J Crew in NYC a few weeks ago the C&J shoes they had were not rebranded as J Crew. I'm not a C&J expert but I would think they were of the same quality. I do wish they sold them online as it would be another good place to get C&J shoes in the U.S.
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