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Meermin Double Monks - Also got a matching Belt
Here are some AE pics for your looking pleasure. The AE Shell Rainbow (minus black) Burgundy Bradley, Brown Patriot, Cappuccino Dundee, Walnut Dalton sorry for the iPhone pics
Funny. I teach part time at a college and last year I was asked to teach a few college prep courses for students that are either in their last year of high school or students that have already graduated and are about to start college. The classes are online and were pretty easy. The students had to participate in an online discussion, take a weekly quiz, and write a weekly paper. I'll never forget the first week when I read the papers and the students were using all...
I made a similar comment to my wife. I told her that no matter what DO NOT give my shoes away if something happens to me. I told her to sell them and pay for our children's college. She laughed, not even realizing the truthfulness of what I had said.
You guys speak a language I don't know. I had to go look in the "urban dictionary" to find out what that meant.
WOW! That is crazy for May.
Here's what I came up with on the 2nds idea. On the brown pair there is a reversed piece of leather at the inside back of the heel. On one shoe the leather is dead center but on the other the leather is about 3/4" off center. No idea if this is the reason for these being labeled as seconds but it is the only thing I can find and I didn't even notice that until last night. On the burgundy shell that i just picked up I can tell that there are some inconsistencies in the...
Congratulations! Great purchase as well!
Got my Burgundy Shell Patriots in yesterday. Here are both pair together. With the sale at the Jefferson Outlet, I got two pair of Shell Loafers for only $14 more than what one pair of equivalent Aldens cost. I could not be happier with these purchases.
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