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You may be the only one as the Patriot has a pretty good following around here. I bought both the burgundy shell and the brown shell version within a week of each other. It is very similar to the Alden LHS which is one of Alden's most popular shoes. The biggest difference for me was that the shell patriots were at a large discount at a recent AE outlet sale. I got both pair of AEs for about what one pair of Aldens cost.Here is the Brown variety
I've not noticed anything like that at all. My shoes probably only get polished 2-3 times a year max and even then it's with as little polish as possible. Mostly I only brush my shoes and if need be i'll use renovateur but again, only in small quantities.
Thanks for the info. I may call the store in NYC and ask what their return policy is. I have one J Crew suit that I really like but it was purchased as suit separates. I'm not sure how well the suit would fit but if I can return it I may look into getting it and trying it out. I know J Crew typically has great customer service.
For my walnut strands I usually just brush them once over to clean off the dirt and then I use Saphir Neutral polish to give them a good shine. They are not glossy but you can tell they have been polished. This is my routine with most of my non-shell shoes.
This is great to know. I'm hopeful that it will be in full production soon. Does the Hudson St shop act as a test market for new J Crew items?
To each his own. I probably wouldn't like half the stuff in your closet either.
I do wait 24 hours after wearing before I put them back in the boxes. I also put shoe trees in them after they have dried out. I have thought about adding a few one inch holes in the back of each box. Still not sure how much airflow they would get since the boxes are against the wall and the shoes are in shoe bags.
I went into the Allen Edmonds store when I was NYC on vacation last week with the intention of buying these shoes. When I held them in my hands I just didn't like the way they felt so I ended up not buying them. I think i'm going to end up with the Epaulet cross trainers that just came on line last week. They are in the same price range.Let us know what you think when you get them. I do like that AE is trying stuff like this.
I put a topy on some of my shoes if I know that i'm going to be walking on concrete a lot in them. Other shoes I simply keep the leather sole as is. Usually it's the more casual shoes that get the topy.
I really doubt there will be any ill effects of this. The shoes have lots more room then if they were in their boxes. I imagine they "breath" as much or more than shoes stored in boxes. Some of my shoes have been stored like this for 3 years will no effect on the leather that I can notice. Ideally, when we build our house I'm going to build a 20' by 20' closet for me and misses to share. When that happens I will build a shoe rack capable of holding all my shoes and...
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