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Mike or anyone else, What is the eta for the new FF rivet chinos to go online? Looking to pick up a pair or two of winter pants.
I ended up returning mine today as well. I too found it to be too heavy and I just don't need something that heavy. I already have great Hickey Freeman tweed SC that gets lots of wear in the winter.
Mike is living the dream that most of us wish we'd had to guts to pursue.Seriously, I love what I do and would not trade it for anything but I appreciate guys like Mike and Adele who find a way to do what they love.
I have one J Crew Ludlow suit (in Irish Linen) and one sport coat (in English Tweed) and I like the fit and look of the J Crew stuff. I did not pay full price for either. The Men's personal stylist at the J Crew store I use does allow me to use either my student discount or whatever promotion is happening on the J Crew suiting. With that said, I doubt i'd ever pay full-price for an item at J Crew. For the cost of a J Crew suit I can get a Brooks Brothers Select (made in...
If you don't like someone's posting then just ignore them. There are several SF members that I ignore because of bad language or inconsiderate posting. It looks like LF has deleted the original post as well.
Has anyone purchased any of the brown shell webgems yet? I'm thinking hard about the Jeffersons. They would make a nice brown dress shoe for me to wear with suits.
I agree with this post!
I saw that boot and my wallet started slowly backing up.
Mike, I may be looking to purchase a Double Breasted jacket. Can you comment on the main differences between the Navy Hopsack and the Navy wool 120's? I live in South Carolina and I want something that I can wear year round. I also wanted to see about the possibility of ordering Ruby trousers in the same fabric as the coat to make it a suit. Is this possible?
Just subscribed to this thread. Looking forward to great things to come. Can you give any indication as to what the next styles Epaulet may be getting from VASS?
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