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My wife and I are celebrating 10 years of marriage on Aug 1st. For this momentous occasion we are going to NYC for a week. We fly in Thursday and fly out Monday night. One of the things i'm excited about is visiting Epaulet. I hope to be in sometime on Sat. This will also be our first time away from our kids for more than a night. My wife has never been to the city before so she is excited. I use to play drums for a living so i've been in and out a lot but it has...
Hi Rob, how did you like Charleston? I go there quit a bit as my Uncle has a vacation home there. It's one of my favorite destinations and only a 2 hour drive from where I live.
My Brown Shell patriots have become my favorite and most worn shoes. I purchased the brown shell and the burgundy shell patriots at the same time and this past week i've been trying to break in the burgundy ones. I'm going to NYC in a few weeks and the burgundy ones are the only shoes i'm planning on taking. They are coming along and I wore them out today for the first time. They are still a little tight but I believe that they will loosen up just like their brown...
I kept them at my office for a few weeks and wore them for several hours each day. Mostly on the carpet but i'd go outside in them. I didn't really baby them much. They were a tad tight when I got them so I wanted them to loosen up a bit which they did after about 10 wears. After a few weeks of wearing them around the office I took them back home and put them into my shoe rotation. Since it's summer I wear them 3-4 times each week now. As far as maintenance goes I...
My AE brown shell patriots have broken in very nicely. They loosened up a good bit from when I first wore then and they are now very comfortable. The only issue i've had is that the creases are different on each shoe. I actually tried to crease them the same before I really wore them out but on these it didn't work. I have the Burgundy shell version as well that i'm trying to break in and each shoe creases different on that pair as well. It doesn't bother me at all...
I purchased my first pair of Epaulet pants about a two months ago. Now I have six pair. That seems to be the way it works. In regards to shrinking I found that on the regimental twill I lost some in the overall length but only a tad in the waist. On the Duck Canvas I saw almost no noticeable shrinkage in either the waist or the length so I think you'll be fine if you went the same size.
Mike advised that I wash mine in cold water and hang dry. I did this as soon as I received my cotton/cashmere FF rivets. I'm glad I did as the length shrunk up a bit. After that initial washing i've dry-cleaned them every other time. Primarily because I don't want them to fade.
Alas, they are my size but I don't like how they look. I almost feel compelled to buy them based solely on price but even then I can't justify it because I really don't like how they look. IF I was still trying to build my shoe wardrobe I may have been interested but as it now I have plenty to wear and don't really need anything.
I like nothing about it. If I wore that i'd be worried about getting laughed at.
Mike can correct me but I think with an odd size all the measures will be split. So the knees and the cuffs on a 35 will be between what a 34 and 36 are.
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