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Where in the world are these from?
Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!!!!!!! Want these in Rudy!!!
I agree. I wouldn't pay full price for anything at J Crew. I'm glad that at least every once in a while they allow their sales to include some of their nicer (i.e. Ludlow) items. There was a 20% code a few weeks back that even worked on Aldens for a day.
Just got the shipping email on this jacket. I'm excited to get it.
Those Alden LWB in sand suede were my first Epaulet purchase and those shoes get plenty of wear time from me. The leydon last is the absolute best fitting for me.
I have three pair of suede shoes from AE. Cambridge in brown, Malvern in brown, and Amok in Snuff. The Malverns and Amoks are great but the suede on the Cambridge model seems to be different. I've literally only wore the Cambridge shoes 3-4 times because the suede looks bad. It has little to no nap but on the toes the suede is stiff and it looks like it perpetually shedding. I've given then a good brushing but so far it hasn't helped. Now that it's getting fall i'm...
For me AE has the edge in a few categories. Price is the biggest. I went with the AE patriots in burgundy shell and brown shell over the Alden LHS. The reason was primarily price. I got both pair (as seconds) for what I would have paid for one pair of Aldens. Plus you can't even get Alden cigar right now. The other area where I like AE is with their non traditional colors. I have the Daltons in walnut shell and the Dundees in cappuccino shell. While these colors...
A shell Portland would probably be $695 which is getting dangerously close (if not higher in some cases) than Alden shell. I have 5 shell shoes made by Allen Edmonds and 5 made by Alden and the Alden shell is finished a little nicer. If the price was not an issue then I would probably go with the Alden version in #8 shell which can be had for $701 at The Shoe Mart.
I'm going to have to wait until they come out with seconds.
Hi Don L,Is this picture through some photo processor? If so which one?I'm looking for something easy to use on my iPhone. I've been playing around with snapseed but wanted to see if there was something else out there.I like the Nori pants!
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