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I just sent off an email asking about this boot. I'll report when and if I hear anything.
They also have the gray plaid suit in the same English Wool but the 3 piece version is over $900.
What were they called? We could email AE and i'm sure they would have some kind of answer. Maybe they didn't make the final Fall production cut. I can't imagine that they didn't though as this would probably be a popular style for AE.
There is also vest of the same material. While i'm not all that interested in the vest I would love see pants in this material. This combo would make a great fall suit.
What happened to the split toe boot that AE had on the site a few days ago. I haven't had time to read every post in this thread so I may have missed something.
I just ordered this jacket. It has a ship date of Oct 22 so it'll be perfect for fall and winter. It's the last day to use the 25% off so I went ahead and jumped.
What about Jack Runnion? I sent you a pm with some info on some suede shoes.
What about Jack Runnion? I sent you a pm with some info on some suede shoes.
What was it Clowney said after last years game, oh yeah, it was "I don't know what it feels like to lose to Clemson and I never will either". You are right though, he is a big part of the team. USC has stunk for so many years its good that they finally have a competitive team. Rock Hill is pretty big Gamecock territory. In all honesty I don't watch football at all but my family are big time fans and anything I know really comes from talking to them and what I read in...
It gets better. My wife doesn't even raise her eyebrows when she sees me snap a pic of my shoes.
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