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Your life is about to change as you currently know it. Having a second "close" baby takes it up to another level.
Will the nightshade be available for the coming rudy order? Hearing so much about it makes me want to get a pair.
She's actually only 2. She's tall for her age. She also has a 1 year old brother. I am blessed!
Working on getting the girl trained properly at polishing my shoes.
WOW! Beautiful
The brown is the shell brown from AE. Like others have said it can really vary in color.
Here are some brown/cappuccino comparisons. Brown Shell Patriots and Cappuccino Dundees Inside with flash Inside by the window with no flash Closeup of shell colors - no flash
I have cappuccino dundees and brown patriots and the colors are very similar inside. It's only when I go outside that I can really tell a difference between the two. I'll to get some pics later but it may actually be tomorrow.
I'd be interested in all the #4 models that have been produced. I know of the following.Captoe Boot - TSMWingtip Boot - TSMAtom - Leffot4x4 - LSSaddle - LSLHS - The Lakota HouseTanker Boot - The Lakota HouseNST - The Lakota HouseThere was a also a guy that posted some pics of a #4 Indy (with white stitching) but they have since been deleted. Not sure where those were from.Does anybody know of any more?
I called the Hudson St shop today to check on that Merino Wool suit and they didn't have it in my size and the guy said he wasn't expecting any more. Do you have any idea when this suit may come into mainline production?
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