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Semper Fi! Former Marine here as well.
Horween was offering a one piece shell belt but they were expensive. They are now sold out.
I have both as well but I find the opposite is true for me. I wear my brown shell at least 2:1 over the burgundy. Maybe even more than that.I agree though that both are great!
Just received the navy hopsack Barrett double breasted jacket and matching rudy trousers yesterday. The fit on that jacket is perfect. First time anything has ever fit that good with no alterations. In fact, when I went to the alterations shop today the tailor there said that there was nothing he could do to improve the fit. I did leave the jacket there to get the buttons changed out as i'm not a fan of the MOP buttons that came with it. Can't wait to get it back!
I agree with this post. There is an AE store close to me that I visit pretty often. I like the store and the staff there and there are times that we'll just sit and talk about all kinds of things (usually not shoes though...). I don't think i've every been there and there was not someone in the store purchasing shoes at full price. I sit with the knowledge that I know I could get a better deal by going the seconds route or waiting on a better sale but I want AE to do...
Creases (or folds as you say) will develop with all shoes. Proper fit will minimize this but it is not avoidable. Get wood shoe trees as the wood removes the moisture from the shoes. Newspaper actually will work but does little to keep the shape of the shoes. Nordstrom Rack has shoe trees for cheap (around $12?pair) or Jos. A. Bank will have sales periodically where you can get 3 or 4 for the price of one. The boot question has already ben answered in a previous post.
They have some cappuccino left as I ordered a pair late last week. I was on the fence over the brown shell Jeffersons but I really like the cappuccino color. So, I ordered a MTO Jefferson in cappuccino. It is suppose to be ready in 8 weeks.
My first two Alden shell purchases were the Ravello Wingtip boot and the Cigar LWB both from TSM.I also have the Allen Edmond Chukka (Dundee) in cappuccino shell that is in between ravello and cigarAll of these shoes get plenty of wear!
Milkshake Indy Boots for $395 - Limited Sizes
They were on my list for $299 but at this point i've decided to not get them.
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