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I saw that boot and my wallet started slowly backing up.
Mike, I may be looking to purchase a Double Breasted jacket. Can you comment on the main differences between the Navy Hopsack and the Navy wool 120's? I live in South Carolina and I want something that I can wear year round. I also wanted to see about the possibility of ordering Ruby trousers in the same fabric as the coat to make it a suit. Is this possible?
Just subscribed to this thread. Looking forward to great things to come. Can you give any indication as to what the next styles Epaulet may be getting from VASS?
Hi, I'm wondering about the differences between the BB MTM program and the Hickey Freeman MTM program. I'm wanting to get a new suit and i'm unsure of where to start. I was told today at Brooks Brothers I could get a MTM 1818 suit made by Southwick for $1,000. The Nordstroms in Charlotte said the Hickey Freeman MTM program starts at $1,200 but they have promotions when they reach down close to a $1,000. Does anyone have experience with both of these programs? Which do...
It is a heavy tweed. It's in line with other tweed jackets that I have.
It's identical to my other J Crew ludow suit jacket. I like the fit b/c I only need o get the sleeves shortened. You can try on any ludow jacket at a J Crew to determine fit.
Got this jacket today. It's heavier than I thought but it'll be great in the late fall and winter.
Will the Vass shoes be on the site soon?
I hope not but to be honest as long as it was only a slight up charge then it would be okay with me. Just having the ability get pants cut that fit good works for me. Epaulet would probably do just as well financially if they didn't even offer the Rudy fit.
Still thinking about the price to quality ratio and I was wondering how many people here pay full-price for Allen Edmonds. I have 14 pair of AE's. Of that total I paid full price for 5 of them (Walnut shell Daltons, Cappucchino shell Dundees, Brown Neumora, Brown Suede Cambridge, and Brown calf Fifth Street boot). The others were sourced through outlets and 2 pair were purchased from ebay. I did get lucky several years back when AE put the shell Bradleys on their...
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