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I really like Carmina and more and more of my closet space is being devoted to Carmina footwear. With that said I don't think Carmina will ever be able to match that Edward Green boot. The Galaway is iconic in it's own right and I don't think trying to copy it would turn out anything close.If I had he funds i'd get the Edward Green version.
I got 20% off a Ludlow suit by talking to a SA. Turns out they have quit a bit of latitude when it comes to applying sales codes. The suit I wanted wasn't stocked in the store so he ordered it for me and had it delivered to my house.
It's Friday. I'm ready to see some Vass shoes!!!
I've posted these before but here they are again. The shoes that started it all, my first pair of AE's and still one of my favorites. Dryden in Brandy Calf
Noting in shell. Even walnut shell varies from batch to batch. I have had two different pair of walnut shell daltons and they were completely different shades. My first was was really light but the vamp tore away from the boot so AE replaced them and the replacement pair was much darker. If you like the color of walnut shell you'll have to settle for the calf version or try to find different manufactures. Alden in Whiskey - almost impossible to find but at least it...
I've noticed that I now have more shoes then my wife. It use to be that she had a lot more shoes than me and every time I bought something new i'd say "i'm just trying to keep up with you". Now, I NEVER USE THAT ARGUMENT. In fact, I still keep off-season shoes in the back of the closet so that she doesn't ever see all my shoes in one place.
I predict a rush of MTO cordovan orders for this boot. AE is really stepping up their game with new designs like this.
She's not quite ready to handle cordovan yet. Maybe when she's 3.Here is the finished product of her labor.Alden For J Crew tobacco LWBI use AE Chili polish on them to get some red tones. Inside they look very Ravelloish
Your life is about to change as you currently know it. Having a second "close" baby takes it up to another level.
Will the nightshade be available for the coming rudy order? Hearing so much about it makes me want to get a pair.
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