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When did you order these? I'm so excited to get my Cappuccino shell Jeffersons. Hopeful that they come in early.
Hi,I'm sure you will get a ton of answers regarding suits but i'll throw my suggestions in there as i'm in a suit most of the week. I just discovered that I really like the Epaulet suits that are made by Southwick. They are over the $500 price but worth it for a quality piece. Epaulet has an affiliate thread here if you want more info. Another option that is only slightly above what you want to spend is a MTM suit by H Freeman (not to be confused with Hickey Freeman...
I wear my brown fifth street boots almost exclusively with suits. I've never had a problem at all with bulge. I also wear several higher boots with suits as well (i.e. Carmina Balmoral Boots & Alden Captoe Boots).
I don't care much about college ball but if I did have a team it would be USC (South Carolina NOT Southern California). This is who my family all pulls for. At least ya'll are still in the top 10. USC moved to 20 after they got beat by UT.That quarterback for FSU is a fantastic player.
I got up this morning and checked the news and noticed that it must have been a tough night for Mr Clemson. The Autumn Speckles look great though.
I know this has been asked at least a 100 times but where can I get replacement laces for my Indy boots? One of mine broke today as I was putting the boots on. I like the flat laces. Thanks.
I was bummed out I missed these but today at Off Saks 5th I found a pair of Zanella pants that are very similar to these. I got them for $77. While I prefer the Epaulet version because of the fit of the Rudy these Zanellas are a good substitute.
Too bad about the Cool Grey Check. I waited on the Rudy order of Nightshade and it sold out and now this.
What about the cool grey check flannel in Rudy?
I was on the fence but I ended up getting the same shoe as a MTO except in Cappuccino Shell instead of brown shell. It's only been three weeks and I was quoted eight so i'm not sure when they will arrive.
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