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Mine did the same thing and they ended up replacing them. Not sure that's an option since they are out of walnut shell. Hopefully it can be repaired.
I personally don't think you have too many as long as the ones you have get worn. Shoes are suppose to worn and not stored in a closet.On a side note I ordered a pair of cappuccino shell Jeffersons that shipped out yesterday. Yours look great and I can't wait to get mine. Also, where did you find Ravello shoes at?
It looks like stuff on the sale page is flying off the rack. There are several things I like but nothing I absolutely need. The price on the Carminas does have me glad that there aren't many things left in my size.
This thread needs to get back on track (for the sake of my wallet). Ravello Wingtip Boots - These, along with a pair of Alden Cigar LWB were my first Aldens
I have the AE Fifth Street in Brown and I like them. I also have Carminas (2 pair actually) in brown/suede and in black scothgrain.I wear them all but I prefer the Carminas. They are much higher and the speed hooks do not catch on my trouser hems . The forest last is an extremely good fit for me. I'd also say spring for the shell if you can. Shell is worth it and the Carmina finishing is top notch.Here are some pics of each:Carmina Black ScotchgrainCarmina Brown Calf...
I've heard all that before but what really is the difference between brown and cappuccino. They are both various shades of brown so why is one obtainable and the other not obtainable. In fact, my cappuccino shells are darker than the brown shells I have. I understand walnut being hard to obtain but I have hard time understanding why the "darker" colors are so rare (this also applies to Alden's Cigar).
That was my first thought as well. This is also the reason I intentionally didn't mention my size in my post. I may call the shoe bank and find out if they have the seconds. My hesitation is do I really need two pair of Cappuccino shell Jeffersons? I didn't change any details on the remake so essentially they would be identical. Still undecided but I do decide against trying to obtain them i'll list my size so that someone else may be able to jump on what may be one...
I had already gotten Allison to adjust my price to the RDA price even the order was created before the sale. I'm not going to push it on the free belt. The AE MTO is already a sweet deal.
This is what I think as well.
Just got an email from Allison and my Cappuccino Jeffersons did not pass inspection and they are being remade. I got an updated ship date of Nov 15th.
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