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My first two Alden shell purchases were the Ravello Wingtip boot and the Cigar LWB both from TSM.I also have the Allen Edmond Chukka (Dundee) in cappuccino shell that is in between ravello and cigarAll of these shoes get plenty of wear!
Milkshake Indy Boots for $395 - Limited Sizes http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sale/products/alden-for-epaulet-milkshake-suede-indy-boot
They were on my list for $299 but at this point i've decided to not get them.
I'm ready to see the Portland boot in shell...
http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/trousers-special-order/products/special-order-rudy-trouser-fall-13-fabricsThey are all special order now.
The problem with NYC is that their prices are high compared to other C&J stores. Last time I called them they wanted $860 for handgrade calf shoes.
Was this the one in NYC? I'd like to see which shoe you are talking about. I didn't see anything like that on the C&J website.
That's the Leather Soul policy as well so it's not unique. It's also the reason that I will never buy anything from LS.
They have Dalton Burgundy Shell daltons in my size. I'm not really in the market for shell boots ( I have several) but at $299 it's hard for me not to order them. I have the daltons in walnut shell already.
I'm on the fence about the webgem Jefferson in brown shell. I want to get it and probably will but i'm curious about something. I have AE shoes in brown shell and in cappuccino shell and I prefer the cappuccino better. Regardless of what AE says the pictures of the webgems look more cappuccino than brown. I wonder if I can use the AE SF MTO to get the webgem Jeffersons in the cappuccino instead of the brown. I'm going to email Allison to find out.
New Posts  All Forums: