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Broke out the navy shell single monks today. It's a little overcast so you can't really see the blue hues in the shell. I may try to get another outdoor pic later this afternoon.
These were my first pair of Allen Edmonds shoes purchased almost five years ago from the Boston store while I was on a 5 year anniversary trip with my wife. Still some of my favorites. AE Dryden in Brandy
Well, after my 3rd order from Spain I got hit with the dreaded duties fees from FedEx. For my 160 Euro pair of shoes the duty is $39.75. With shipping and duty fees this places Meermin in the $250 price range for their classic collection. I'm not sure that at this price point Meermin represents a real value and I doubt I go with Meermin for future purchases.
I understand what you are saying. I purchased my first Allen Edmonds almost 5 years ago. Since then i've gotten about 15 pair of AE, at least 10 Aldens, and 5 Carmina. Over half of my shoes are shell. I've probably gone overboard but that first purchase was justified by the idea that i'd be able to wear my Allen Edmonds for a long time. $350 every 10 years is better than $75 every year for shoes that will only last a season. With shoes you really do get what you pay...
I don't think they are lasted but the shape is very similar to the shoes I have (at least in the rain and inca last). They fit better than the epics IMHO.
I prefer the Carmina shoe trees as well. I have 5 pair of Carmina (4 MTO from Epaulet and 1 Direct MTO) and i've gotten Carmina shoe trees with each order. I'm not sure that the epics fill out the shoe as well as the Carmina (especially in the rain and inca last). I'll abide by whatever decision is made and it'll make no difference in my future purchases. I'm also a little OCD and like everything to match.
I was in the USMC from 1999-2003. We still had leather boots which which were expected to be mirror polished but for dress uniforms we had the plastic shoes. As I was leaving they were switching to the suede boots. I imagine kiwi took a big hit when this happened.
#8 LWB with custom done natural sole edge.
Here are my walnut shell Daltons. I wore them last week but I took a week off from all forums so I didn't get a chance to post. With the unlined shell these are the only boots I kept out for the summer. All my other boots are in storage patiently waiting on fall to arrive.
Here is a pic with the Cappuccino Dundees beside the Brown Shell Patriots. They look almost identical inside. Outside the Dundees have a rich almost red quality to them.
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