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I'm Pentecostal so I get out in the aisles when I preach.
Actually I did evangelize for several years before accepting the pastorate at a church in Rock Hill, SC. I traveled all over the country in a large 5th wheel with my wife and family. Yeah, I think the people here appreciate my footwear collection. I have 5 young preachers in the church here and this coming year for Christmas I've already told my wife I'm going to take them all to the AE store and purchase them a pair of shoes of their choice. One of them just recently...
Very cool. I did not realize that there was so many musicians on the AE thread. I went to a place called Interlochen Arts Academy for High School and from there opted to join the Marine Corps Band instead of going to college. Manhattan School of Music was my top choice but I came in 3rd on the audition and they only had 1 slot. Same with Juilliard. I could have attended New England Conservatory but the price was more than my folks could afford. I could not imagine...
Sure, I got them from Epaulet last year. Mike did two runs as a group MTO. Black Balmoral Boots in scotch grain leather on the forest last. These have become my winter boots when dressing up (which is usually everyday). I wear them with suits and any black or gray slacks.
All this talk of blackā€¦. Carmina Balmoral Boots Charcoal Flannel Pants
I use to play drums for a living but that was many years ago. Before that I had dreams of being a concert percussionist. I have several friends who do play music and one of them is french horn player in Chicago. He got his MA in Music from Northwestern and now plays with some chamber group in the Chicago area. I remember him and I running all over NYC because he was trying to find this guy that was suppose to be the absolute best at overhauling french horns. Good...
Would the shirts be considered Brooks buys?
I went to my local Brooks Brothers today to buy three dress shirts but they wouldn't allow me to use my 15% corporate discount. I've done this in the past but no luck today. I made there purchase anyway but I wondering if I call in and make an additional order if they will allow me to use the additional 15% off. Anybody know?
My wife use to make fun of me a little bit over my shoe care stuff (I actually have a large rubbermaid full of shoe care products). While she was out one day I took several of her shoes and gave them a cleaning/polishing treatment. She was amazed at how her old shoes looked new again. She'll now ask me if I'll work on her shoes if they get bad.
Hope it's not too late for one more contest entry. I'm suppose to be working on my dissertation today but I got a little bored. Pastor Contest Entry Two Epaulet Walt Regimental Trouser in Moss Kroon Cotton/Linen Navy Sportcoat Daniel Cremeiux Dress Shirt Allen Edmonds MTO Cappuccino Shell Jeffersons
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