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Those are keepers!
Hey Mike, Will the new hopsack suit be a dark or light gray? I'm looking for something on the lighter side. ETA?
I would get some high quality cream polish and try to work on that toe a bit. Get something with a lot of pigment in it like Saphir or Meltonian. I would try it with a walnut or cognac color first but if you have to I may would move to a little darker shade like medium brown. I really think you could cover that up. I'd keep those.
I went ahead and got them and I'll see what they look like once I get them in. If I think I can work on them then I'll keep them but if not I'll just send them out.
I wouldn't take those at any price.
I just got some pics from the AE outlet. The Black Shell PA that I ordered have a small crease on the captoe and the shell is pitted all over the cap. I'm not sure if I want them or not. Could I fill in the pits with some wax polish? I'm leaning toward not getting them and instead ordering a MTO Black shell Harrison. I wear black shoes about twice a month.
Heads Up. Ben Silver has a pair of 12.5D #8 Captoe boots on sale for $559.00 I usually don't shop at Ben Silver because their prices are inflated on a lot of things but they do sometimes have nice sales. http://www.bensilver.com/Alden-Cordovan-Cap-Toe-Boot,20236.html#.UvvWM3lzjd8
I really like those Jeffersons. I debated buying them when they were a web gem but went with a MTO in the same shoe but in cappuccino shell instead of brown. I'm glad I did as they turned out great plus it was some of the last of the cappuccino shell. They make a great dress shoe.
I was at my local Charlotte store over the weekend and their shell cordovan display was gone. The Saleslady told me that they had to ship all their shell shoes to NYC since there was a "shell shortage". She said that the stores in NYC and the store in Chicago shell more shell than all the rest of the AE stores so the other stores had to send them all their stock. She didn't know when or if they would stock shell shoes again. On a side note, I have some black shell Park...
I feel the same way. I got in at the right moment a few years ago. My first Aldens were Cigar LWB and Ravello WT boots from TSM. Both were around the $600 mark. Since then i've added a lot more shell in #8 and another pair in Cigar. But, I haven't bought a pair of Aldens in over 2 years. With prices steadily going up I doubt I ever buy Aldens again. I love the ones I have but I'm also content with them. I still look at all the cool makeups but I've never said "I...
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