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Here are my Leeds from the recent $299 sale. I actually purchased Black Shell PA as well. These Leeds were not available but the SA said that as soon as a pair came in stock that she would honor the sale price. These are stunning and probably the best looking AE I've seen out of the box. There is a scratch on the side of the left shoe that I know will disappear with some polish. I now officially have more AE shell than any other brand. I think I'm going to be done...
I live about 10 miles south of Charlotte in Rock Hill, SC. You will love it here. There is a great AE store in Charlotte that will help you continue your addiction.
My SA at the Ohio outlet called me yesterday and said she had a pair of "flawless" shell leeds that she just got in and they were my size. She told me I could have them at the $299 price so I jumped on them. Should be here next week.
I really believe that I could fix those to make them look more even. Buy a can of Meltonian and try it. Apply the cream liberally and let the leather absorb it. I would do several coats like this polishing in between.
You should come to my place. I've converted just about all of our guys to wearing AE's.
I seriously would just call. I'm not apologizing for Allison but I had a completely different experience when I did my shell MTO with her. There was nothing "amateur" about the process when I went through it.
I too think the "amateur hour" remark was a little much.
3….2….1….touchdown.I'm not much of an apologist when it comes to AE but I've had the opposite experience. I've purchased 6 pair of shell seconds from the the OH outlet. When I email them I usually get a response within a few hours. Now I'm at the point that they email me if they have shell shoes in my size. For my MTO, Allison always responded to my request but I didn't pester her everyday with details. I waited until I knew what I wanted and then I called her to set...
Those are keepers!
Hey Mike, Will the new hopsack suit be a dark or light gray? I'm looking for something on the lighter side. ETA?
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