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I went to my local Brooks Brothers today to buy three dress shirts but they wouldn't allow me to use my 15% corporate discount. I've done this in the past but no luck today. I made there purchase anyway but I wondering if I call in and make an additional order if they will allow me to use the additional 15% off. Anybody know?
My wife use to make fun of me a little bit over my shoe care stuff (I actually have a large rubbermaid full of shoe care products). While she was out one day I took several of her shoes and gave them a cleaning/polishing treatment. She was amazed at how her old shoes looked new again. She'll now ask me if I'll work on her shoes if they get bad.
Hope it's not too late for one more contest entry. I'm suppose to be working on my dissertation today but I got a little bored. Pastor Contest Entry Two Epaulet Walt Regimental Trouser in Moss Kroon Cotton/Linen Navy Sportcoat Daniel Cremeiux Dress Shirt Allen Edmonds MTO Cappuccino Shell Jeffersons
Contest Entry I've been offline for a while with the Holidays. I'm assuming that the contest is still going on. Here is my entry Epaulet Navy Hopsack DB suit Carmina Brown Calf/Suede Balmoral Boots
I don't think you are going to be able to do anything about this. Looks to me like the shoes may be too long which is why you are getting a crease in the toe area. You can try to manually set the creases behind the toe with a pen or other round object. Just force the shoe to crease around the object. I've had mixed results with this method. In all actuality, you may have to live with the creases. I do doubt that anyone besides you (and a few SF members) would ever...
Hey Mike. Will these jeans be available in any larger sizes? I wear a 37 in the Rudy and a 38 in the rivets and walts (although I still take the waist in a bit) and I'd love a pair of jeans with a similar fit to either these two.
Is the #of shell only Alden Shell or does it include other brands?
If i'm not mistaken Matt is from a town just north of Atlanta.
I sent an email today to Mr Grangaard about how helpful Allison was through the MTO process. I got a prompt reply thanking me for the email. I also sent a thank you email to Allison. She really was great to work with throughout the process.
I actually placed the order on Sept 26. This is the second pair that they have made as the first pair did not pass inspection. I'm happy with the timeframe and quality of the shoes.
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