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A little off topic but maybe someone can help me. I'm looking for a shell cordovan belt in color #8. Anybody have one they really like. I've narrowed it down to either the one from AE, BB, or Rancourt unless someone has some other alternatives. I know Carmina makes one but it only comes with a brass buckle and I want a silver or nickel buckle so that's a deal breaker. Leffot just started carrying one but it's $350 I like the Rancourt belt but I feel it's just too...
Before the new thread starts can somebody that has an AE shell belt comment on the quality? I have enough #8 shoes that I now feel justified in owning a shell belt. I've looked at other options but I keep coming back to AE for the price of their belts.
These are still some of my favorite AE's. Bradley in #8 Shell Cordovan. Most of you probably don't remember this but about 5 years ago or so AE accidentally had these listed on their website for $250. They were only listed like that for about an hour but they honored the price for everyone that ordered them. I was lucky enough to score this pair.
Thank You. I was just a little concerned because I didn't really know about the EPLA sizing that much. I wear a Large in a lot of my shirts and jackets so I just wanted to make sure. The extra 25% off the sale prices enticed me into buying a few items.
Hi Mike, I wear a 42R in your Southwick Suit jackets and I just ordered the EPLA Knit Bomber Fleece jacket in an XL. Is that going to be comparable in size? It was on sale so it was an impulse buy since I knew I needed a lightweight jacket. I just didn't have anything to measure in front of me.
Wow. I've been on a spending halt for over a year with no purchases. To help facilitate that I have been on the forum only a handful of times in the past year. After recently logging back on I hate to see AE putting this type of stuff out as first quality. I honestly have many shell 2nds that are MUCH MUCH higher quality than these. No question, I would send them back as well as email the CEO (Paul Grangaard) a picture and ask him what's up. Him and I have actually...
Ordered the Loro Piana Navy Windowpane in a 2B suit. Too good of a deal to pass up.
Can you PM a price for the passport wallet?Are there 2 individual slots on the left side? It looks like a dollar bill splitting the slots.
I'll jump in here and saw that I wear the same size in both last. The Inca last is a little tighter around the toes. I actually had to get my Inca MTO shell monks stretched by B. Nelson a bit. If the Rain last is tight at all around the toes then the Inca last may be uncomfortable.
Did you really go to Peter Luger's and only get a cheeseburger?I enjoyed seeing all the pics.
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