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Glad you like it. I ordered the modified version because I rarely carry cash. The exception to tis is when I travel so for Father's Day I received "The Fold" from Leffot. I t's extremely low profile and I like it a lot.
First day out with the shell leeds. I should have bought these a long time ago.
There is nothing "wrong" with this leather but it's not going to be finished to the same quality as Horween. Japanese cordovan is usually much drier and coarser than shell produced from Horween. One other thing to consider when looking at this wallet is that only the outside of the wallet is cordovan. The inside is made of a different type of leather. Those look similar to the Brooks Brothers wallets which are also made of Japanese Shell.
It used less leather and was substantially less in price than the Tony the Any version on their website. I thought it was very reasonable.
There prices on their website and Phil can quote you for custom work. It was very reasonable.
I don't want to detract form the shoe discussion but I thought some of you may be interested in seeing my new wallet. It's Whiskey Shell Cordovan and made by Phil at Ashland Leather. It's a customized pattern and it turned out great. It's the Tony the Ant model without the bill slot. I wish AE would make something of this quality in the wallet department. I ended up selling the AE shell wallet that I purchased from them because it did not seem like good quality to me.
Whiskey shell sighting. Although not Aldens I thought some here may be interested. Ashland Leather Whiskey Shell wallet. It's the Tony the Ant wallet customized a bit by Phil. I wanted the card slots but not the bill slot (I don't usually carry cash). It came out awesome.
Here is my Ashland Wallet in whiskey shell that I just received yesterday. It's a customized piece that Phil made me. It's their Tony The Ant version without a bill slot. I basically needed just a card holder but I wanted to be abel to carry more cards that the "Little New York" could comfortable hold.
Whether you buy in or not there are different qualities of leather. Also, you must consider the finishing process. This is especially true for shell as it goes through a pretty intense process to become usable. This finishing of the raw material is probably equally on par in importance to the construction quality of the item.
I live about 2 hours from that outlet and I've visited there many times. I really love Charleston, You should visit if you are ever in the area.
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