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Maybe it was just a certain batch of navy shell? I'm not complaining because I love the shoes and when polished they look awesome. Mine were a MTO and cost around $800 USD (it was before the MTO increase). I can't touch Edward Green navy shell for anywhere near that price point.
By hard wear I mean wearing them out in foul weather or wearing them for multiple days in a row. I try to avoid both of those scenarios with all of my shoes but sometimes it's unavoidable. I travel to teach a college residency every year and I usually only take one pair of shoes with me. This past year I took the blue carminas and they looked a lot like NAMOR's at the end of the week. I don't think my Allen Edmonds or Alden shells would have looked that bad. Also, if...
I bought my Carmina MTO navy shell single monk after seeing your boots. The navy shell on my looks the same as yours after some hard wear. These Carminas are difficult to maintain a good shine. They look good when polished but it's work keeping them up.
These look great. It's a style that I wouldn't have considered before.
Sad, but there is some truth in that.
I think that for my first quality shoes it's worth it to get the shoes re-crafted. Like you said, this is especially true for shell shoes. I'm not sure I'd ever redraft seconds unless I just loved the shoes or could not possibly get something comparable.
Here are mine. I do polish with a darker polish and they have turned a bit "less orange".In sunlight:In my office:
Got the seconds list for 3 different sizes and not one pair of shell shoes. Much different than the first ones I got a few years back. There use to always be some ravello, cigar, and whiskey. Now there is just calf and suede.
If you hate to be a jerk then the best thing to do would be to ignore the post you don't like or simply don't say anything at all. Please take the time and hover your mouse over my name and click on "block member" to ignore all of my post.
I'm friends with a lot of alumni from era on Facebook. I'm amazed at what some of them are doing. It's been almost 15 years and some star in movies and sitcoms while many are in full time music with great careers.
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