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Where did the pic of the blue suede tassels go? Weren't they in this thread?
On the 65 last I wear a 9.5D (or sometimes a 9.5E)On the 333 last I wear a 9 EA 9.5D and a 9E would be roughly the same width but because of the 333's longer toe I went down a half size in length.
Good looking shoe indeed! Why did you get charged the $125 custom fee or is waived?
I bought my Walnut Shell Daltons during that web gem. I already had walnut calf strands so I didn't purchase the shell strands. Probably one of my biggest shoe regrets.
In shell I own 2 Carmina (navy & ruby), 5 Aldens (#8, Cigar & Ravello), and 8 Allen Edmonds (#8, Black, Brown, Walnut, & Cappuccino).The Carminas are hands down the better quality of build. Alden finishes the shell a little better. Allen Edmonds can be found at deep discounts. All have their place. While I understand that all 3 source shell from Horween I find that the shell has varied among the three makers. My Carmina and Alden shells are extremely thick while my...
I have the 5th Street in brown and I wear them all the time. They are one of my go to dress shoes in the winter.
I'm with you on all of those points. Travel is the exception for me as I like to use only carry-ons and I usually limit myself to one pair of shoes. I like the Carminas because they are slip-ons and work well in the airport. They also look nice with either suits or business casual attire. If any shoes get wet because of rain I usually use Saphir after they have dried a little.
Maybe it was just a certain batch of navy shell? I'm not complaining because I love the shoes and when polished they look awesome. Mine were a MTO and cost around $800 USD (it was before the MTO increase). I can't touch Edward Green navy shell for anywhere near that price point.
By hard wear I mean wearing them out in foul weather or wearing them for multiple days in a row. I try to avoid both of those scenarios with all of my shoes but sometimes it's unavoidable. I travel to teach a college residency every year and I usually only take one pair of shoes with me. This past year I took the blue carminas and they looked a lot like NAMOR's at the end of the week. I don't think my Allen Edmonds or Alden shells would have looked that bad. Also, if...
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