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I just ordered a custom version of this wallet without the bill slot in Whiskey Shell. Should have it in a few weeks once Phil gets more Whiskey in stock. I rarely carry cash and if I do I use a money clip but having four card slots will be perfect for me. I hope to still be able to carry this in my front pocket.
Stop torturing yourself already….just go ahead accept that you need to to keep both. The colors are different enough that you could justify them both.
I would like this as well. I have two pair of rivets but I think I'm going to stick to the Rudy fit from now on.
Question about the trouser MTO program. I have about 6 pair of cotton trousers that I've gotten from Epaulet. I remember that is was recommended that I wash these first to account for shrinking before I get them tailored. With the option to now get the inseam finished as part of the ordering process do I need to be weary of shrinkage?
What the realistic number of credit/debit cards that I can carry in the Ashland "Little New York" wallet?
What is that?
I think it's the weybridge.
Walnut Shell Daltons Today
I know, I had a pair in my hand and justified selling them because I have Alden LWB in Cigar shell. I see the Townleys as a more casual shoe and the Aldens already fill the role of casual brown shell shoe.
I have several 5 lasted shoes and the only pair with bowing are my shell park avenues. The shoes fit great and are comfortable but the bowing made me send them back. I went to target and purchased the thinnest heel pad that I could and placed it in the shoe. Just a tiny lift in my heel almost completely did away will all the bowing.
New Posts  All Forums: