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Got the seconds list for 3 different sizes and not one pair of shell shoes. Much different than the first ones I got a few years back. There use to always be some ravello, cigar, and whiskey. Now there is just calf and suede.
If you hate to be a jerk then the best thing to do would be to ignore the post you don't like or simply don't say anything at all. Please take the time and hover your mouse over my name and click on "block member" to ignore all of my post.
I'm friends with a lot of alumni from era on Facebook. I'm amazed at what some of them are doing. It's been almost 15 years and some star in movies and sitcoms while many are in full time music with great careers.
I was at the camp the summer of 98. I graduated High School in 1999. I played in one of the jazz groups when I was there and then I played drums in the Big Band at IAA the entire year that I was there.I still have my red sweater in storage somewhere.
It was the time of my life. I went to the camp in the summer and auditioned and enrolled at IAA for my senior year of school. Interlochen still holds a large place in my heart. The caliber of music from the teenagers there is something I will never forget. Even semi-professional concert bands don't compare. It was an incredible time in my life where dreams were born.
I went to Interlochen Arts Academy for High School. I was really into classical percussion at the time and dreamed of playing on Broadway or in some orchestra. Alas, I made very few dollars playing marimba and the such so I started to focus on drum set. I love jazz (still do) so this was my forte. I did play the occasional rock gig. I also toured for a year with a brass quintet (think Dallas Brass with their percussionist). From there I got married and the rest is...
I've done a few things in the last decade. I went from full-time musician (drummer) to construction worker. I needed a job with insurance after I got married. I dug holes for telephone poles and did aerial construction for about 4 years while I completed a degree in theology. Then with no formal training at all I applied and got offered a construction engineering job for a communications company. This is when most of my shoe happened. I then left that job to enter...
I was an engineer before I went full-time in ministry. I still teach part time as an adjunct professor which is how I pay for clothes and such for me and my family.
Yeah, I like the AE shoe trees better than Alden ones because they fill out the toe area better. The Ruby shell captoes are the same pattern as yours on the Simpson last. The navy shell carminas are on the rain last. This is a little less than half of my shoes. I have three more Carminas and several more AE's and Aldens in a variety of calf and suede. I need to downsize and I'm finished buying shoes for a while.
It's nasty and rainy outside so I polished some of my shoes. I decided to take a partial family pic. Sorry they are such bad pics Here are my Allen Edmonds shell shoes. Walnut Dalton, Cap Dundee, Cap Jefferson, Brown Patriot, #8 Patriot, #8 Leeds, #8 Bradley, Black PA Here are all my shell shoes Top Row is same as above Alden: #8 Captoe Boot, Ravello WT Boot, Cigar Indy, Cigar LWB, #8 LWB Carmina: Blue Single Monk, Ruby Captoe
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