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I didn't get 4 pairs but Allison did tell me I got some of the last cappuccino shell available. My first pair didn't pass inspection and my second pair came long after the "No More Cappuccino" announcement was made.
Nice pick-up! I want to see what else they had on hand.
My Ravello is from TSM. The batch from that time (2011) was very reddish in color. I've owned other Ravello that I've sold because they were more of a brown (almost whiskey) with no red overtones at all. Having seen TSM #4 boots (both the SW & Captoe) I believe the color to be almost identical to some Ravello that I've seen. If anything the older Ravello is more red than the #4.
Someone PLEASE buy those Vass shell shoes! They should be the equivalent of a 9.5US. $300 for shell is an awesome deal.
I see very little color different between the #4 WTB and my Ravello boots.
Ready to se some pics from the CA going away party. With I could be there!
I wear a 8.5UK in the rain (also in the forest & inca last)I went with a 9UK in the SimpsonThe Simpson shoe is too big but the 8.5 was too tight. I bought a $1 tongue pad from he local shoe store and just rolled with it. The Simpson last shoes are very wearable this way. It is a narrow last and since you have wide feet you will appreciate the extra room.
That is the brand of leather soles that Carmina uses. It's also what Allen Edmonds use on their shell shoes. It's a high quality brand.JR RendenbachInfo about them can be found here.http://www.lederfabrik-rendenbach.de/1/company-profile/
For shell I rarely use any polish at all. I'll use Saphir Renovateur or Ventian Leather Lotion. Polish will actually build up on shell and give it a dull appearance.If you need to try to even out some color and had to use polish then use very little and make thin layers but you are not going to be able to "recolor" shell by using polish.
This is probably my last wear of these for the season. This weekend I plan to store all my boots and get all my suede shoes and loafers out of storage. Ravello SWB from TSM (Chrome Filter)
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