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II like the woodlore better. The Alden trees have a fuller heel but I find that the woodlore trees have fuller toes that fit the shape of Aldens (especially Barrie lasted shoes) better.
I'm glad to finally get some good spring weather in SC. I've been wearing my suede shoes all week. I like the cxl. Maybe something like those will be my next purchase.
It seems no one wants to tackle this so I will. I made a similar mistake with my Walnut strands. I got the bright idea to try to burnish the toes with a darker polish. Nevermind that I've never done anything like that before. How hard can it be, right? Well they ended up looking like junk. I went ahead and did the other shoe the same way to get some uniformity and then I took them straight to the shoe repair shop and asked them to strip the polish and then republish...
My Epaulet Rivet size is a full 2 inches up from what I wear in J Crew Slim fit pants.
I'd like to se a picture of what it looks like closed while stuffed with that many cards.
If I'm a 42R in the Southwick suit jackets will I also be a 42 in the Doyle? The suit jackets fit perfect with little to no room to spare. I want to get in on the special edition Doyle but I'm unsure of what size I will need as I thought I read that they ran a little small.
I got my black shell PA a few weeks ago at the last $299 sale. I also got #8 shell Leeds a week later for the same price.
x-post from the Alden Thread My first Epaulet purchase. Alden Sand Suede LWB on the Leydon Last Anybody else remember their first Epaulet Purchase?
Took my Suede Shoes out of storage yesterday. Epaulet Sand Suede LWB on the Leydon Last - My best fitting pair of shoes.
I think the idea that shell won't stretch is a myth. I know there are those that believe that but I've had a different experience. B. Nelson personally told me that shell would stretch and I've had him stretch a pair of shell shoes for me with great success. With that said, after the shoes break in they may give you a little more space. As the insole is worn down it will add a little volume in the shoe.Good looking boots! I have them in the grant last and wear them a...
New Posts  All Forums: