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All this talk about the "good o' days". When I bought my first Aldens TSM had Cigar, Ravello, and Whiskey in several different makeups. My first two were Ravello WT boots and Cigar LWB (wearing those today). A year or so later I got some Cigar Indy's from TSM as well. I believe the LWB were around $620 and the Ravello boots were only a few dollars more. The cigar Indy boots were $702 and that was the first time I broke the $700 mark. With Carmina MTO's I've done that...
I believe that this is the Leffot version.If not, then they had similar pair with brass eyelets.
I bought this suit few months back for about $360. It's my second J Crew suit and for this price point I like it.
Here are my $299 shell Patriots from last year. I also got $299 shell Patriots in Brown, PA in Black, and Leeds in #8
I'm in South Carolina so it gets pretty hot in the summer. I actually have my shell loafers on today. I always wear sock liners. I've tried many different kinds and found that only these work for me.You can search for these on Amazon.SHEEC - SoleHugger ACTIVE 2-Pair Pack - Men's No-Show Casual Socks *Non Slip*#8 with (with sock liners)
I wonder how many people have shoes in their closet that they have never worn. I'll admit that I do. It's not that I'm saving or collecting them but I just haven't had time to break them in yet. I typically like to wear shoes around he office for a few days before I wear them outside and work has been so hectic that I've not had time.
I called Leffot the day these landed. I was told they did not have my size in stock. I reported my findings here on this thread. 10 minutes later a prominent member of this forum called enquiring about the same size and they told him they had one left. It left a bad taste in my mouth concerning Leffot. I'm not saying that I will never buy anything from Leffot but I haven't bought anything from them since this happened. I can accept that it was an honest mixup but...
Yeah, I like them a lot. I sent SVB an email almost as soon as they were posted. I'm really happy with both purchases.
Just got these in the mail today and tried them on for the first time. Carmina by Epaulet Brown Lizard Double Monks
Can't say Thank You enough to SVB and Mike for helping out-of-towners to get some great gear from the SM shop. Here are the newly arrived Carmina Brown Lizard Double Monks. I also got a Navy Hopsack Cane Sport Coat that is a perfect match for my Navy Hopsack pants. Now it gives me a suit option. Thanks Again! Also pictured are Carmel Duck Rivets. The shoes were just tired on and I normally wouldn't wear them with this outfit (at least not with these socks).
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