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Just received my Forest last brown suede/calf combo wingtips. They absolutely rock. I have a pair of Cognac Shell Rain last wingtips on the way and I think i'm about to order some back shell balmorals in the next day or so.
Just got shipping confirmation on my ties from last night. I hope Mike (or somebody) picked out some good ones!
You weren't playing around were you? They look great. Mine will be here on Friday.
Just got shipping confirmation for my EFF Rudy trousers. Indigo Baseball stripe Linen and Tattersall Hopsack. Looking forward to seeing how they come out.
I just purchased these from the website. They should be in next week. I'm thinking that they will be a good spring/summer shoe.
On the site the shade is very light. When I asked Betty about it she said that in real life the shoes are much darker. I asked her for a photo so I could see the real color of the shoe but then they were sold.
Do you have pics of the cognac shortenings. I almost bought the 8.5 but they were sold before Betty could send me a picture.
I live in the U.S. and I'm about to make a purchase. Is it best to use FedEx or USPS to have the best chance at avoiding import fees? It's about 50 SEK difference in the price of shipping.
Hi Mike, Do you have any idea when the EFF Rudy trousers are going to be finished?
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