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Got me thinking about some pretty good sales we've seen along the way. 2 for $250 was good! Didn't they also use to have a 2 for $200? $299 shell seconds from last year was great (I think I ended up with 5 pairs from that one). I'm not sure anyone remembers this but a few years ago there was a few hours that AE accidentally marked some shell shoes on their website down to $250. I was lucky enough to grab a pair of shell Bradleys (which I'm wearing today). That was...
Hey Leaves, can you find out how much some whole cuts in this leather would cost?
Does anyone ever stock or do a run of Carmina Alligator shoes? I have a pair of the double monks in lizard and I absolutely love them. I really like the alligator whole cuts found in the first post of this thread but I never see any shoes in the more exotic skins. I think Skoaktiebolagot did a pair that had a crocodile vamp around the laces but I've seen nothing else out there. Just curious why we don't see more.
I've been A-Wall for a while but finally got around to ordering the Navy Sport Trainers. Excited about getting them.
When I saw them on sale I immediately went to the site to see of there was a 42R there. Alas, no luck. It's a beautiful jacket.
Pocket full of Shell Ashland Wallet in Whiskey The Fold in Rust Key Fob in #8
Glad you like it. I ordered the modified version because I rarely carry cash. The exception to tis is when I travel so for Father's Day I received "The Fold" from Leffot. I t's extremely low profile and I like it a lot.
First day out with the shell leeds. I should have bought these a long time ago.
There is nothing "wrong" with this leather but it's not going to be finished to the same quality as Horween. Japanese cordovan is usually much drier and coarser than shell produced from Horween. One other thing to consider when looking at this wallet is that only the outside of the wallet is cordovan. The inside is made of a different type of leather. Those look similar to the Brooks Brothers wallets which are also made of Japanese Shell.
It used less leather and was substantially less in price than the Tony the Any version on their website. I thought it was very reasonable.
New Posts  All Forums: