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@epaulet Can you give a brief explanation of Black Fleece and how about a preview of that pearl grey. I'm specifically looking for a light colored grey suit as well as something in a true black (especially a black pinstripe). I've been hoping for a EFF Southwick even as I really have my sizing nailed down.
Are you are getting your items already from the Brooklyn online sale? I bought several items and I haven't even gotten shipping notification yet. Just curious as Mike and the bunch are usually super fast about getting things shipped out.
Good day today. My chasmere chinos come in today and I just ordered the cream and navy windowpane linens. All I need now is another EFF Southwick event.
This is a little off topic but does anyone near the LA area know where I can get alterations done on a suit? I'm specifically wanting to get surgeons cuffs finished on one of epaulet Southwick suits. I'm currently way east of LA in Ontario but I don't mind driving a bit. I've checked with all the tailors here and none will finish jacket sleeves with working buttons.
Is yours the blue color? I was really waiting on the blue leather one that comes in stock next week but I may be interested in tis one. Why don't you like it?
Semper Fi to a fellow Marine.
@epaulet I know it may be a long way off but with the success of the Southwick EFF do you think we'll see this promotion again? I'm kicking myself for not getting several more suits. I was a little worried about size but now that I know… I'd love to do it again. I'm not ready to join the $1K suit club yet but I could justify the discount offered through the promotion. Just curious.
Just a quick cell phone pick but I must say, "wow!" The fabric on this EFF is off the charts! Can't wait to get the pants tailored! Also rad that my Allen Edmonds #8 she'll belt also came in today.
I ordered the cashmere EFF rivets a little bit ago. I've never worn cashmere trousers before so I'm curious to see how they work out.
A little off topic but maybe someone can help me. I'm looking for a shell cordovan belt in color #8. Anybody have one they really like. I've narrowed it down to either the one from AE, BB, or Rancourt unless someone has some other alternatives. I know Carmina makes one but it only comes with a brass buckle and I want a silver or nickel buckle so that's a deal breaker. Leffot just started carrying one but it's $350 I like the Rancourt belt but I feel it's just too...
New Posts  All Forums: