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I just took delivery of 2 of my EFF Southwick orders. The buffalo soldier fabric is incredible. The one issue I have is that I ordered the jacket with open patch pockets (which would look awesome) but the jacket was made with flap pockets. I'm a little disappointed but I don't guess there's anything that can be done about it now. That fabric made into an unstructured shoulder and unlined sportcoat screams for open patch pockets.
I got notification that the Buffalo Soldier EFF jacket is in route. I have two others that will hopefully make an appearance soon!
Alright, I made three purchases for the EFF promotion. 150's Mason Light Grey Full suit complete with ticket pocket and working cuffs Buffalo Soldier Sport coat Welt breast / open patch hip pockets unstructured shoulder partial lining Large Grey Check Sport Coat Welt breast/open patch hip pockets Natural Shoulder Partial Lining Working Cuffs Super excited to get them made. Also, Mike what happened to the cream dot lining. It's pictured but wasn't available in the...
One more quick question. On the buffalo solider, I'm trying to decide if I want triple patch pockets or if I want welt breast and open patch hip pockets. Suggestions?
Did anyone order a suit a in Gauzy Rainbow Herringbone? What is the base color of the fabric. What color buttons did you go with? Also, Mike, is there enough fabric in this material to do a matching vest?
Okay, I'm trying to make a decision. I ordered the Mason 150's pearl grey (light grey) in a suit. What color buttons so I get? Go traditional with black horn or go with blond horn? I wish that there was a charcoal or grey offering but alas…
Mike, I'm up in the air on buying the black or another fabric. For the black, what I really need is a hard wearing suit that can be checked in luggage and not end up looking like junk when I pull it out. I need something that does not have to be babied. My older Navy Hopsack Cane model suit is what I typically travel with now but wanted to get another travel suit. Your thoughts?
Hi Mike, are you still going to do able to put that solid black up?
Out of curiosity, what would be the retail price of the 150's pearl grey?
I just ordered the 150's pearl grey. I love the Persian Blue but I got the Navy Windowpane from last round and they are too similar.
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