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Hey, I read that JE+Co is working to fix the denim to get it where you want it. Can you expound, because I've had problems getting the waist to not "float" on me, but I just deal with it because I have not been able to find a better black denim on the market. The leg opening is perfect.
Any plans to bring back the Grey/Grey escobars? (Not the grey/black)
I own both a large and a medium. 6ft, 165, athletic. The large has stretched a little too much in chest and biceps. The medium needs to stretch a tad and it will be spot on. The arms are also a tad short on medium
I personally couldn't wear a T underneath, looked bad IMO. I got my normal size. I have semi-wide shoulders, not a body builder, but i wonder if that is "stretching" the neck out...I shouldn't care this much but I do. It is not a crew neck, no matter what the pictures may show.
I got the grey pullover and the neckline is almost like a boatneck. Is that intentional? the pics on the je.com do not elude to the neck being so wide. May have to return it.
I figure I could do that, but the bicep area is just so baggy compared to forearms that I don't think I have the correct size. It definitely stretches and thats good to know going forward.
Will the black Escobar sweats be returning for SS14?
Brand new with tags. Never worn. Extra shipping cost if outside USA
Anyone interested in The cast jeans in Coast? Size 32, new with tags. Just not my style http://www.styleforum.net/t/377398/john-elliott-co-the-cast-in-coast-wash-sz-32
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