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Just got my Anti expo and it topped my list of favorite JE tees. It's perfect.
@srizvi722 thanks man. Looking to grab one to layer with the black bogota. Mercer zip is offered in a ton of colors which is a plus. Raglan does look cozy
Deciding between raglan raw edge hoodie and Mercer half zip hoodie. What's the consensus on the two? One more wearable than the other? Thanks.
@jbidwal looks great. glad I grabbed one.
Take a bar of soap to the zipper track and it will glide.
Looks like Mr. Porter has the White Skittles. Could be wrong though
They're available here - https://www.machusonline.com/products/the-cast-2-dirtyno tax and free shipping if you're outside of Oregon.
Terrain indigo is really nice. If they make that exact wash without the distressing I'd be all over them. Fingers crossed.
@johnelliott - trusting other retailers will get the Cast 2 in Plumas (Sz. 32)...
Fit pics of the JE hightop sneakers. The way the denim stacks is reason enough to buy IMO.
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