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Would be nice if they re-released the washed lambskin from awhile back, which was suede like. Or something similar.
U necks are dead breh.
They used to but a lot of packages went missing, so they switched to ups iirc.
^ CP's. Slp are too uncomfortable to me. Prolly due to the sole.
@CH03 L fits well and appears to be less sprayed which I think you'll prefer. The xl looks like someone held the paint gun trigger a little too long.
Today. Decided to just keep the black cardi. Fit inspired by @nsubrmnn
I can say that the black nubuck are just as comfortable as my white leather.
@Yoshi there's an @ symbol above the text box. Click it and type user name. Glad the pigtail snaps back to shape.
I do not like the hell week crew. Neck choker.
Looks like the black teddy/stadium jacket is making a comeback according to that complex vid.
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