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Hey, What size did you get? I am Large in all JE hoodies and can't decide on sizing.
hey, how did the sizing run in the bomber? I am a 3/Large in all villains, zip sweatshirt, etc. Im on the fence with sizing on this piece tho...
Hey, I read that JE+Co is working to fix the denim to get it where you want it. Can you expound, because I've had problems getting the waist to not "float" on me, but I just deal with it because I have not been able to find a better black denim on the market. The leg opening is perfect.
Any plans to bring back the Grey/Grey escobars? (Not the grey/black)
I own both a large and a medium. 6ft, 165, athletic. The large has stretched a little too much in chest and biceps. The medium needs to stretch a tad and it will be spot on. The arms are also a tad short on medium
I personally couldn't wear a T underneath, looked bad IMO. I got my normal size. I have semi-wide shoulders, not a body builder, but i wonder if that is "stretching" the neck out...I shouldn't care this much but I do. It is not a crew neck, no matter what the pictures may show.
I got the grey pullover and the neckline is almost like a boatneck. Is that intentional? the pics on the je.com do not elude to the neck being so wide. May have to return it.
I figure I could do that, but the bicep area is just so baggy compared to forearms that I don't think I have the correct size. It definitely stretches and thats good to know going forward.
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