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Pm me if anyone wants cast 2 cropped in white 32. Returning to Roden gray this week otherwise.
@jbidwal thanks man. Makes sense. @nsubrmnn - yah I don't like messing with $300+ jeans, I'll let the pros do it. Appreciate the thoughts.
Paging @jbidwal. Did you go TTS on the cropped denim? (I know you're not a 32, but trying to get an idea of sizing). Thanks
Good to know. I have the scarabs and zincs in a 32 and wouldn't want them any more right than they are. Even after the stretch.
Anyone want to sell me the cast 2 cropped white in a 32? Will pay retail and throw in a 15% off code to JE.
If anyone has a snap overshirt in Moab or black in a Large they want to sell pm me. Also on the hunt for the spring denim in a 32", I've looked around and can't find them. Thanks!
@srizvi722 great simple tee. have it washed olive as well.
6 feet. Large in the LS, M in Kake, 32 in denim.
LA area
New Posts  All Forums: