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[URL=http://*****************/listings/31912-trove-aw11-wool-horse-cardigan]so cozy...[/URL]
I don't think I understand Isaora's add copy
yeah you're probably screwed. I had someone pull into my lane with 2 feet between our cars and slam on his breaks about 15 ft from a red light and I couldn't swerve into another lane because they were all full. I had witnesses and still was considered at fault. sorry man
Brand new pair of ZB slim minimalist DNA pants, tried on once, never worn. Too small in the waist for me; really a shame as they're beautiful pants. Made of a very heavy woven black cotton, very rugged and thick. The white fabric was overdyed black, so there are some nice color variations on some parts. Asking what I paid in the 70% off sale that Zam had. Buyer covers shipping and fees.
Shit Sorry man, I was doing the exact same thing.
Currently my cold weather things are a devoa wool shawl/high neck blazer, fur lined comme blazer, and individual sentiments nehru collar jacket with extended lining/fingerless gloves. I also have a long linen devoa coat which (ironically) is more suited to fall than winter weather. I always have a lot of heattech and a few sweaters on hand, though, so I get away with lighter jackets than if I wasn't layering like that. [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, I tried that, but I get super huge bows. I may get another pair of laces for normal dress shoe tying and keep these for wrapping. I just tried wrapping twice, tying a knot in the arch and then tucking the ends under the wraps and it seems to work okay, so that's good. Thanks for the info about the heel cut too
layer-0 cordovan (i think?) derbies first pic seller's, second is mine. how do you get the laces to stay like the first image? I'm baffled
Got these Layer-0s in yesterday. Cordovan I think, very stiff and sturdy but surprisingly comfy. Really happy with them Interesting note: I was comparing these shoes to my MA+ boots, and it looks like they may have been made in the same place. Or at least, the sole is exactly the same as far as I can see (aside from the double heel on the MA+). ((ps- how are you supposed to tie the laces in order to wrap as in the first pic? They aren't long enough to go around...
whoa Inaisce is done/defunct?
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