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Some cool stuff here: comme reversible blazer devoa silk cardigan junya patchwork blazer
HAHAHAhahahaha i'm going to drown in devoa someone stop me
okay yeah seeing all the pics that belt is just bizzare. I'd keep looking, sorry man
The belt looks really weirdly low on the jacket, like it's right on the hem. Maybe that's just the camera angle though.
Cannot wait to see those first pants in a fit
I've got a question for anybody who's handy with a sewing machine: what is this stitch that is going around the thumbhole of these gloves to reinforce it, and how do you do it? Many thanks edit: Another question. I need a cheap weekender in a neutral color and this one from everlane looks good to me. However I want dye the brown leather handles and zipper details black. Would just stripping the color and rubbing black dye on work?
holy http://www.ebay.com/itm/M-A-MAURIZIO-AMADEI-WHITE-CARBON-WASHABLE-CALF-AVIATOR-JACKET-48-/181506851841?pt=US_CSA_MC_Outerwear&hash=item2a42a6c401
Save up for something better that will last you a while.
If you want I'll PM you when mine comes in and let you know how the fabric/fit is.
This guy is selling several Devoa pieces for really reasonable prices. The other two pieces I posted a few days ago I also got from him.His eBay pageHe's got another of the same top I just got in a sz. 50 if that's your size!
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