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possibly worse http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qW5LCqg_Tncedit: wait just rewatched it definitely worse
counterpoint: Cloak
^^ disagreeeeeee No hate to synth girl
Ehhhh. Very unsure. Someone will probably post an awesome fit and prove me wrong though. Also, am I just not Next Level enough, or is that a completely horrendous haircut
All cream imo (but I do love my monochrome)
Wow man I know this is a close knit community but there is such a thing as too much information
I mean it might not be, but didn't you just buy jeans with separately adjustable legs?
Last couple of months: Comme de Garcons fur lined blazer (which I'll probably dye black because I'm boring ) Zamb minimalist slim pant in heavy black linen Zamb overlocked dna pant in black micro-herringbone Lumen et Umbra frayed seam hidden placket shirt (thanks s'pope!) And two items I haven't received yet: Label Under Construction fishscale knit (thanks again s'pope!) Individual Sentiments gloved blazer
Can't agree at all that McCarthy is boring, but what exactly are you looking for? Can you give us a similar author to what you're wanting?
when does this pose ever look good and why do I see it so often
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