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pretty low effort troll man
It absolutely is not.
It actually does have zigzag! That was the deciding factor in choosing this over an older Singer.
Those shoes are amazing, kong. Super nice job. Also this isn't really a project but it should lead to many and I'm really excited about it Pfaff sewing machine from 1952 in perfect condition. This thing should handle almost anything, and its stitches are strong enough for pretty much anything I'll need unless I somehow got to sell things commercially. Time to start learning how to make my own clothes
Hey benesyd, did you happen to be flying from Detroit to Charlotte a few days ago? Because if not, you have a serious doppelgänger out there, down to the glasses you wear #creeppost
~such a tease~
what the actual fuck
Hey, edit your post and take out the url tags, only keep the stuff between [img][/img] and it'll show up!
yeah, everyone like merz who got banned in that huge purge hissyfit moved over to
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