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What jacket is this? Not on your classifieds (interested to see it )
Exactly right imo stacks all the way
keep dem pents bene, looks great
True. It did seem to work better on somethingawful, probably because if you got banned or hellbanned, it cost $10 to be unbanned. Or $10 to make a new account, which would probably be spotted and banned again
That's so blatantly hypocritical it's almost beautiful (do you see how this smiley doesn't make me sound like any less of a jerk? makes ya think)
They used to have something like this on old school SomethingAwful, it was called being hellbanned. It was awesome to see terrible posters get more and more frustrated at why no one was responding, as mods would sometimes re-post their posts in threads that you couldn't see if you were hellbanned. It ruled
Fok..... Please. Please
Who gives a shit about authenticity, we had this debate, wear no jeans but levis I guessAnd your opinion is empirically correct? haha suck shit man
First is rad, hobo core is rad
They're kinda like super-viberg boots, but I like em (sorry dig )
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