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If you want I'll PM you when mine comes in and let you know how the fabric/fit is.
This guy is selling several Devoa pieces for really reasonable prices. The other two pieces I posted a few days ago I also got from him.His eBay pageHe's got another of the same top I just got in a sz. 50 if that's your size!
Someone who wears a 45 buy these, they're beautiful: http://re-porter.ca/shoes/extended-lining-back-zip-boot/
Some of the pockets and details remind me of some cloak jackets:
^^Nice pickup man, excited to see a fit with it Devoa heavy cotton top Silent siki shirt
^^^ yessss I like the sneakers with the fit, too. The only thing I was thinking is I kinda wish the sleeves were rolled down and left long. Both sleeves and pants rolled is looking a little weird to me.
Needles is pretty great now that I think of it. Despite being impossible to Google
Wow, didn't even think about that. weird
Even stranger when you realize it means "Christian the Child King" or "the Royal Child Christian"
With fashion brand names, how dumb you think it is kind of depends on how much you can tolerate some pretentiousness. Lumen et Umbra: light and dark in latin? Pretentious as hell. But I still like the name. Really it seems the only foolproof path is to have a really awesome/mellifluous name and just call your lable that. Rick Owens, Carol Christian Poell, Stephan Schneider, Peir Wu, etc.
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