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I mean... the novel is narrated by a pedophile. Wouldn't you expect that? Non-sympathetic narrators are interesting, and I think the "uncomfortable-ness" of the book is part of the point.
carpet noooo
If work doesn't get too busy, 2-3 a month. I've been lazy lately though, still reading Savage Detectives
hot damn
Okay, does anybody know what happened on SZ that got Merz and a bunch of other people banned, and Faust and his circle won't talk about them ever? Like, I'm honestly curious what kind of drama could cause that seeing as Merz posted a ton of good shit and seemed well-like.e: also, all of merz' comments are gone. from every thread. you can only see stuff other people quoted. that is some incredible pettiness on someones part
possibly worse http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qW5LCqg_Tncedit: wait just rewatched it definitely worse
counterpoint: Cloak
^^ disagreeeeeee No hate to synth girl
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