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Can't agree at all that McCarthy is boring, but what exactly are you looking for? Can you give us a similar author to what you're wanting?
when does this pose ever look good and why do I see it so often
proof that no amount of (nonexistent) money can buy good taste
I've only seen it in the brown and the black. k's clothing has the black gloved version, and fascinate has a few versions without gloves.
Thanks for the info! That's what I was hoping the lining would do. I did notice that this is a slightly different version of the blazer, which is fine by me I actually prefer the extra fasten point to keep the jacket closed for a variety of ways to wear
From what I've read/heard from people who own it, the "hand" part of the opening is wide enough to slip your arm through and just push the glove lining up over your wrist so it doesn't show, or it will look like a t shirt sleeve. And if it starts to get annoying, I can just cut it off. It's not like I haven't got fingerless gloves of my own
Individual sentiments gloved blazer fit pic in black colorway I'm leaning toward the grey-brown version, to get some other shades in my mostly black wardrobe. I'm thinking worn with a lightish tee, grey pants, black/grey boots. Is the brown too funky? should I just go with the black?
Sounds kinda similar to a spritz, a pretty popular summer drink in Italy. Its a little simpler though, just aperol/campari and prosecco. Really tasty when it's too hot out to do anything but sit under an umbrella with a drink and read
^^ awesome, we'll all stop posting our non-riding jackets with that knowledge-bomb
Hey Zam, I had a quick question for you. I've got a pair of Slim minimalist pants in heavy black linen. Problem is, they're a bit big on me. Waist needs taking in, and I'd like to taper a bit. As the side seams go all the way up the pants, would it be crazy to just ask a tailor to take those seams in, instead of altering select portions? Is this even possible? Just thought I would ask the designer before asking a bunch of tailors (in Memphis TN, some of whom have asked...
New Posts  All Forums: