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sorry for the stock pictures lately but I can't take fitpics at the moment Lost and Found My only nitpick is the little zipper pocket, but since it will literally always be covered by my shirt it doesn't really matter. Anyway they are the perfect shade of grey I was looking for
Interest check on this YYPH blazer. Very soft double layered cotton with raw edges. I've been very careful with this piece and it's in very good condition. Price is fairly firm, buyer pays shipping and Paypal fees. The pictures I've posted are of the actual item. Tagged sz. 3. off the market for now. not sure I want to part with this
Interest check on these hakama pants as my style has moved away from this much volume and nothing I have in my closet makes sense with them anymore. It's a really beautiful garment. The waist is adjustable (with buttons) and the pants have pockets as well as a slit which lets you reach under them (allows access to your other pockets if you're wearing shorts underneath, i guess). Soft jersey cotton, deep black with hints of dark navy if you look very close. I've babied...
You could try to find these Rokin sneakers:
Did most of the images on SF just break for anyone else?
I had some docs (ended up being too small) in the color "black greasy" that were matte.
Like some other posters here, starting to get aggrevated with the constant receiving an offer on grailed, replying to the person, and then never hearing anything ever again. Not even lowball offers either, people who seem to want to buy at the listed price who then drop off the face of the earth.
That suuuuuucks
Okay, I finished Tsukuru Tazaki last week. My thoughts:Definitely my least favorite Murakami thus far (which is not to say I didn't enjoy it- still better than a lot of books out there). I've so far read 1Q84, The Windup Bird Chronicle, Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World and Dance Dance Dance. I think that my problem with it is largely the 3rd person narration. 3rd person worked well in 1Q84 (though I prefer his first person writing overall) because the story...
New Posts  All Forums: