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That suuuuuucks
Okay, I finished Tsukuru Tazaki last week. My thoughts:Definitely my least favorite Murakami thus far (which is not to say I didn't enjoy it- still better than a lot of books out there). I've so far read 1Q84, The Windup Bird Chronicle, Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World and Dance Dance Dance. I think that my problem with it is largely the 3rd person narration. 3rd person worked well in 1Q84 (though I prefer his first person writing overall) because the story...
WIWBWFTNFW (what I will be wearing for the next four weeks)
I'd go by the chest measurement. I have that coat and a devoa jacket, which both have the same chest measurement but are different sizes (3 and 4) and they both fit great.Also, devoa shoulder measurements seem to not be all that logical (maybe due to the construction?). My jacket has shoulders that are 2 inches smaller than my usual fit, and they're fine.
stiches what's your size? anyways, julius gasmasks on grailed
Man if only that was my size
nice. all geller?
Thanks guys Ikea was what I was trying to remember, but I think I'm gonna grab some jacket hangers from the hanger project too.
So I'm looking for some decent wood clothes hangers. I seem to remember someone posting about some reasonably priced hangers (I think they needed to be sanded? don't remember) but I can't find the post. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
This is super bizzare to me because it's not like iphones are gonna run out. Its not a limited run. Very confusing
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