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Individual sentiments gloved blazer fit pic in black colorway I'm leaning toward the grey-brown version, to get some other shades in my mostly black wardrobe. I'm thinking worn with a lightish tee, grey pants, black/grey boots. Is the brown too funky? should I just go with the black?
Sounds kinda similar to a spritz, a pretty popular summer drink in Italy. Its a little simpler though, just aperol/campari and prosecco. Really tasty when it's too hot out to do anything but sit under an umbrella with a drink and read
^^ awesome, we'll all stop posting our non-riding jackets with that knowledge-bomb
Hey Zam, I had a quick question for you. I've got a pair of Slim minimalist pants in heavy black linen. Problem is, they're a bit big on me. Waist needs taking in, and I'd like to taper a bit. As the side seams go all the way up the pants, would it be crazy to just ask a tailor to take those seams in, instead of altering select portions? Is this even possible? Just thought I would ask the designer before asking a bunch of tailors (in Memphis TN, some of whom have asked...
1 and 2, spope auto-win
Just a quick question: did you get to the doctor's explanation at the sanctuary? Just wondering if you still have issues with the clarity if you have read that.
e: nevermind.
Think I will try this, thanks! What sort of oil would I use?Admittedly a good bit of my regret is about buying an MDR right before a major shift in desired style :/
I may try this, thanks what sort of oil would you use? A good bit of my regret admittedly is based on buying an MDR right before a pretty large shift in desired style :/
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