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Look at the total bill, after tax. Move the decimal point one number to the left. Multiply by two. The easiest way to figure out a tip that might help to compensate for the abysmal, lower-than-minimum-wage wage that your server is paid. Holy shit, we are on a forum where we discuss buying two thousand dollar jackets. You don't have eight bucks to add to a forty dollar meal? Bullshit, fuck that.
This is rad. Is the jacket waxed fabric?edit: alrightly, guess that was answered haha
Yes. And they are called outliers because they are outside of the norm.The reason this discussion isn't going anywhere is because half of the people think the norm is just lazy and the outliers are achievers, and the other half that the outliers are anomalies that don't at all prove that the system isn't fucked.
I guess it comes down to personal taste. I tend to prefer starkness and (seeming) simplicity in writing, even a sense of coldness in the right places. It's why I'm so I'm fond of the writing of McCarthy, and why I want to learn Japanese to compare Murakami in translation to the original, and probably why I misliked Chabon's Yiddish Policeman's Union so much, despite liking the story- I thought he stuffed too much into a sentence, and a lot of them felt like he was just...
If EG would do this in a dark grey or black consistently they would make a killing on people who don't want to pay ~2 grand for harnden
No Are they nice? Not really complaining of course, extremely happy with the jacket itself which is the main thing
You did deserve a living wage when you worked a night shift at the supermarket. Everyone deserves a living wage. Because without it, you can't, y'know, live.
The hair may get more or less ridiculous depending on haircut interval but the basic concept isn't going anywhere Yeah, no luck on the gloved, but k's does have the lapelless version still. One left in sz 1. I think they list measurements too, but the translation is gonna reverse the shoulder and chest measurement. should be obvious it happened though. Sorry I cant help more :/
where is charlie willy to school y'all on the supremacy of popeyes e: whoops
Label Under Construction reversible fishscale knit courtesy of spacepope.I didn't get a tote!
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