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for real, dawg?
Welp, went ahead and grabbed those cons. Hoping they run 1/2 size large like standard ones do, they look really great.
10/10, A+ troll, would read again
I like a lot of Incarnations, just feeling burnt out on overlocking visually. skeptical of those elastic shoulder/elbow things too, but then again i've seen nicely make a ton of stuff work i never would have touched
this is actually very relevant information and is good to know
goddamn that aviator
OTOH I'd say this fit has the best proportions of the stuff he's posted recently!
Here's a question along the lines of "should I or shouldn't I buy from this retailer." Has anyone bought from either Altera Store or Ambitot on SuFu? Seems to be the same person, he's also on grxxled as Altera. Just wondering, as it seemed a little weird to me to have a store but also be selling many of the same items on other sites, but not all the items are listed everywhere.
this is great
Okay, last post about my project, just wanted to say I posted the first recipe on the blog. I'll try to do one or more a week at least. I'll stop posting about cooking in the books thread now murakamicookbookproject.tumblr.com
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