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Something about those trailing ellipses gives that post an extraordinarily creepy mood
derbies 1 or 2 pairs of boots a couple sweaters scarf fragrance tees ...that's it, really. But it will probably take me until February or so.
Like 90% of what SF wears will make you stick out like a sore thumb everywhere, its a sick jacket
Amam I the only one who really really liked hard boiled wonderland? That one was really affecting for meGreat write up by the way!
With the price of the stuff I like I can't afford not to.
really want a scarf made out of this
I like the lighter grey personally
Thanks man really hope they work out (the grey ones i posted earlier too!)
I really really need to stop buying things, but for 70% off I couldn't say no: ZB minimalist dna pant
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