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I'm kinda glad my toj doesn't fit anymore and I had to sell it, I'd feel sorta bad wearing it now :/
this stuff looks cool, but I had to roll my eyes at "pacifist military design"
movies, musicians, etc. Tom Waits Mono Dylan Dead Weather Dune SW Breakfast Club also yes, I'm a big nerd
welp, took the plunge: my own pics to come, assuming it fits (it should)
for real, dawg?
Welp, went ahead and grabbed those cons. Hoping they run 1/2 size large like standard ones do, they look really great.
10/10, A+ troll, would read again
I like a lot of Incarnations, just feeling burnt out on overlocking visually. skeptical of those elastic shoulder/elbow things too, but then again i've seen nicely make a ton of stuff work i never would have touched
this is actually very relevant information and is good to know
goddamn that aviator
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