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i like to imagine this thread like a town meeting gone horribly screamingly wrong and brad-t just sitting in the corner making remarks
oh, yeah I wonder if eventually we will have to start repeating the older good challenges, though. Not that we'd stop coming up with new ones, but some are so great and have enough depth to do multiple runs imo. The indigo one we just had would be cool as a yearly/every two years thing.
Maybe something like "brand-dissynergy?" That's kinda like "wear it two ways" but with only one fit
That seems kinda likely to end up as a 4-5 person challenge. If some of the guys who mix and match a lot of brands get the first 3 posts, those with smaller or less diverse wardrobes get knocked out.
I think you'd benefit from some slightly more tapered pants, fit looks a little bottom-heavy visually atm.
In general I can't picture the human body that was designed for
I'm kinda glad my toj doesn't fit anymore and I had to sell it, I'd feel sorta bad wearing it now :/
this stuff looks cool, but I had to roll my eyes at "pacifist military design"
movies, musicians, etc. Tom Waits Mono Dylan Dead Weather Dune SW Breakfast Club also yes, I'm a big nerd
welp, took the plunge: my own pics to come, assuming it fits (it should)
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