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I made an MA+ wallet really easy for like $20 bucks total. Really slim and wouldn't be so "dark" if brown leather was used. Seriously super simple, instructions in the DIY thread if your interested
One more, awesome MA+ jacket that would be way too small on me: sufu
Cloak suit on sufu, would have pm'ed it to synth but its a size small :/ http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/144297-fs-cloak-suit-450/
trying desperately to read that as a clever joke about one of the preceding posts
For cats it's really best to have two of a similar age. They will play with each other and will actually in my experience get more friendly with people if there's another cat buddy around. I also make time every day to play with the cats with string/toys/laser pointer/whatever. Cats actually do need attention contrary to popular belief, especially if you don't let them outside (not a good idea in a US city).
Thank god sythese is here with some sensealso when did mikey become a one-note internet tough guy troll
i don't think its "clean" enough for those panels and zippers with the stacking on the arms
***cue debate about design, material, experiment and pricing***
no jacket is light enough for midsouth summer heat.
Snow Crash was rad as fuck. I didn't want it to end
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