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This question is meaningless without you explaining or showing us what your style is. If we don't know how you dress, how can we suggest a good standard tshirt for your looks?
your "boring shit" is more rad than my standout fits haha!
I always wish I could post in this thread because the stories are so great! But, I haven't got many clothes that I really like that aren't fairly new... I'm so new to this clothes game. But I am really enjoying the slow acquisition of a wardrobe that I think truly suits me, instead of just generic whatever that I feel just okay about wearing Someday soon-ish I will have a wardrobe I feel good about just living in, and not filling up holes!
shah you are making me miss florence hard
I keep looking at hats online, check the sizing, and realize it will never fit sad fist bumps to the big head crew
wish I could, they're about a half to one size too small for me
why do you have so many rad boots i need to get some
who all here down with being a medieval pajama boy
Anyone else think it's weird how ln-cc sends tracking notices that have the "expected arrival" listed as a span of 8 days? feb 4-feb 12
kinda think it would be in weird taste to post ourselves in "success stories" haha
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