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I have been trying so hard to forget the LUC farmer jacket and tell myself that I can deal with a different less crazy pricey black blazer for a good while and these pics are making it so hard. so so nice, why 2 grand...
If you like wind up bird, get 1Q84 after. It is immensely engrossing. Nearly failed a final art history exam because I kept reading instead of studying, eventually had to go out to a cafe and leave the book behind to get my work done
wow, really hope that comes out for sale soon! looks great
^^^fuck yes, this rules All these GOT posts are making me wonder what it'd be like to have not read the books
^^^^Fair warning: OSC goes batshit after Ender's Game and his crazy philosophy comes out a lot more strongly in the later books.I really have just started, only on about page 100 (of 600). That said it's very good- "dreamlike and compelling" according to one review, and I think that's pretty accurate. If you aren't familiar with Murakami, be prepared to have some unexplained stuff and unanswered questions. So if you like that sort of thing I think you'll really like it.
Are we posting reading lists? Fun Read so far this year: The Moviegoer Dune (yearly reread) The Fifty Year Sword No-No Boy Wabi-Sabi A Dance with Dragons Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk 1Q84 The Last American Valentine (poetry) John Dies at the End Fragile Things (short stories) Currently: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle Next: The Crying of Lot 49 The Last Gentleman By Night in Chile Snow Crash Neuromancer The Satanic Verses Leviathan Wakes The Forever War The Thanatos...
christ that's bad
brad, the skirt looks great. For a moment thought you'd snagged that handwoven siki im navajo kilt I actually think I like the clasp and design of yours more, looks very relaxed. What brand is it?
Any help ID-ing the boots in this fit? I was guessing ma+ or maaaybe devoa. picture is from atelier if it helps suggestions for boots of similar shape/color/style fine too!
I have been wanting that LUC jacket and telling myself its way pricey and I shouldn't right now, and you guys are not helping me be reasonable
New Posts  All Forums: