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Agree so much! I mean for example I love yohji but I wouldn't want to buy his lines exclusively. Plus I think it's more fun to get a variety and get creative about how to combine different labels
I do really love the color and fit is perfect. Plus, this color is discontinued in toj/John coppidge so if I don't keep it and ever want another, tough luck
Glad someone else liked the idea of ivory mdr like I did!
silver zips!
hmmm fair enough man I had actually been looking for that synth photo a while back but couldnt find it
also, not really a full fit but i did get the TOJ i ordered in august today!
the tcwalter contrast between thumbs and posts is staggering me
trying to decide if I should keep this TOJ with the more anti-fit direction I've been going... I do wear slimmer stuff too and it is a nice jacket, just not sure if its really incongruous or something :shrug:
ivory MDR came in! never got a tracking no as far as I can tell but thats cool, it was a surprise the leather is really soft and nice and I think I got the fit right. shame this won't really go with my antifit stuff but oh well sorry for no zipped pic or sideview, everything else was really blurry
Any vets have a good suggestion for a black belt that works with yohji and won't break the bank?
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