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New hair makes that jacket look ever more badass
This happened to mine too.
synth, check etsy for vintage japanese clothing, seriously. cool stuff from 1920s-40s and not expensive. I was looking at some a while back. example, though not the best:
you fucking suck dude
messy is not always a bad thing
Super glue is a pain in the ass. Nail polish remover will get it out but you may still end up with some stiffness in the fibers, a dark spot where the glue was, and maybe fading from the solvent. Sorry man fucked up my isaora pants the same way
I, too, would like to see [SF member] in [entirely different style]
A few blazer fits on the darker side...
I want that suede TOJ so badddddd maybe in black or dark grey for what I usually wear, but damn it is sick
Holy shit, check out this NORE motherfucker in this thread
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