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Yeah, figured I'd go for it since right now even their sale stuff is returnable!
also jet the pants are from patron of the new
Should I? http://patronofthenew.us/products/sim-sh017lt-cargo-tunic I really like it, but the size the guy gave me when I called seems really odd. I will apparently fit into the size 1 pants for siki im, but in this tunic the size 2 shoulder measurement seems way small (15 in). I took a measurement of 16.5 for my TOJ, but this is a totally different style of garment. Should I risk it? Or are there other tunics I should look for?
So I'm looking to buy some stuff from siki im at POTN, and I called to ask about measurements. Is siki cut for people with zero shoulders? I don't even have broad shoulders (16.5 measurements on my body) but the size 1 pants will fit me fine, apparently, but the size 2 of this tunic is way too small according to the store's measurements (15 inches from shoulder seams). http://patronofthenew.us/products/sim-sh017lt-cargo-tunic does this seem crazy to anyone else?
know you already heard this on sz but i think you should keep both, if your style fits both. that rick is really cool
nope, got it on rakuten
KOY have you got a link to any images of that? I know they don't sell online but maybe just pics and pricing?
where'd you find that?
the problem is that he keeps posting and promising to tailor his shirts etc, but its pointless to keep posting the same stuff without doing so.also there are several threads which are more about making these small adjustments to style and working on stuff- affiliate threads for relevant brands, the quick question thread, the noob thread, etc.its silly to post in the waywt thread, get critiques, then keep posting the same unchanged stuff and expect to not get called on...
this discussion sucks guys
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