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Hell yes we do !
Started snow crash and I already like it more. I think it's because snow crash knows its writing is crazy and over the top. Chabon's seemed to want to be "literary" but grimy and noire at the same time and it didn't work. I felt like he was sitting next to me the whole book waiting for a complement on a turn of phrase or his clever setting or something.
Just finished Yiddish Policeman's Union. I... Didn't like it that much Maybe I have murakami disease after his sparse and excellent writing, but all chabon's prose seemed really smug, like he was really pleased with how clever his sentences were. It really grated on me. I dunno. Maybe I read it at the wrong time. After hard boiled wonderland I really wanted more cyberpunk. Think I'm gonna look for snow crash at the bookstore today (subterranean books in St. Louis!)
Why all the hate for black lately Hendrix
Saw some in the sale section on thecorner, think they were silent? Or possibly surface to air. Definitely there tho
Looks like taralis chelseas, also at patron of the new at 50% off
^^ Dune is king in my book, go for it. IMO after the first one it isn't as interesting, feels more traditionally sci-fi with clones, etc, but still very good until his son takes over (he suuuucks). Also, just started
whoa, pass the bong, bro
"Not thinking much" of a fit and myopically disregarding the many many things which make it very different from a typical summer outfit on the street are two different things, and the second one is dumb. Sorry man but it just is
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