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looking for a very simple black slip on shoe, no contrast sole, soft shape (no folded toes like toms shoes). i like this one a lot, but its sold out and was pretty pricey anyway. http://www.blackbirdballard.com/InAisce_Wind_Walkers_Black_29389.html any ideas? or even good search terms to look for one, all my searches are coming up with a bunch of dumb orthopedic mens sandals
siki im
I like the toe shape a lot more on the last two.
speaking of siki im sizing a page ago or so, does anyone have a lot of experience with that? or anyone know if patron of the new will measure something for you if you don't know the sizing of a garment?
Very very few women on this site in general as I understand it, unfortunately.
Proportions a bit odd because of coffeehouse bathroom mirror, but my tripod is missing a part atm Toj/uniqlo heattech/isaora panel pants/chucks
Slightly better pic of the ivory lamb mdr
@who funny considering you just posted that you were sick of blazers
Yeah seriously, just get a friend to help you. I did my measurements with a cheap paper tape measure and just got 3 different people to try it to make sure and it worked out great
seconding the gosling look
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