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Posts by fireflygrave Lots of footwear, also: size 44 Cloak boots Synth!!!
I'll try and dig up some pictures of the trebuchets we had to make. They had to fling a can of Coke at least 75 yards to pass the project, which apparently needed nearly 200 lbs of counterweight (not only surprisingly expensive, but kinda inefficient). Fun project though!
Man, building trebuchets is very expensive. I had to make one for Honors physics in high school and it cost nearly $700 (split 4 ways, but still). Of course, ours had to be 8+ ft tall with at least 200 lbs of counterweight...
I made an MA+ wallet really easy for like $20 bucks total. Really slim and wouldn't be so "dark" if brown leather was used. Seriously super simple, instructions in the DIY thread if your interested
One more, awesome MA+ jacket that would be way too small on me: sufu
Cloak suit on sufu, would have pm'ed it to synth but its a size small :/
trying desperately to read that as a clever joke about one of the preceding posts
For cats it's really best to have two of a similar age. They will play with each other and will actually in my experience get more friendly with people if there's another cat buddy around. I also make time every day to play with the cats with string/toys/laser pointer/whatever. Cats actually do need attention contrary to popular belief, especially if you don't let them outside (not a good idea in a US city).
Thank god sythese is here with some sensealso when did mikey become a one-note internet tough guy troll
i don't think its "clean" enough for those panels and zippers with the stacking on the arms
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