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gah part of me wants to hide this but there's no way I have the funds for it despite it being a pretty good deal. Someone get this to rock LUC farmer jacket
no great loss unless you have a high tolerance for purple prose
Amen. Really wish I had learned that a year+ ago.
Email them for measurements? Also use a normal text size man, that shit is a pain to read
Okay I told myself I was gonna do something different for the next book, but I'm just jumping straight to more Murakami. I can't stop
Most aggrevating thing about SZ is that the "in" crowd of the forum is really obvious sometimes. Their outfits never get much criticism or even really critiqued, just praised, while anyone else gets harsh, aloof, and unhelpful comments. Oh, and the mods are in the in group, so dissenting voices get banned, or told that SZ isn't the right community for them, etc. I still like going on SZ and I even like a lot of the posters on there a good bit, but the holier than thou...
I wasn't too jazzed with the fits in that pic myself, and I actually like a fair chunk of the "SZ look" (I know, boring all black ) Liked the beige one most I think, but a lot of them seem like bad juxtapositions of really expensive stuff for the sake of it, or playing it really safe with all one brand and not thinking the outfit out beyond that cohesion. Just thought there might be some interesting discussion about why those fits are less successful than some other "dark"...
but that would ruin your whole look, man
speaking of SZ gathering pics, this reservoir dogs-ish image got posted over there a couple days ago
Rick, julius, damir, silent. For cheaper stuff, I hear good stuff about void the brand and kowtow.
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