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Shouldn't be an issue, it's a handmade blazer (PH actually). Might have to replace the yellow-white buttons after dying but that's not such a big deal
jesus christ i am so jealous
Anybody here have experience dyeing linen? If so, what kind of difficulties would I have to expect if I wanted to dye a 100% white linen jacket black or dark grey? The jacket in question has a white cotton lining also. Ideally I'd like to dye it in such a way that the whole thing comes out very dark grey/black. It seems like hot dyeing would be best for this, but I'm afraid the jacket might shrink too much. Is there a way to dye it that would have a good chance of...
what the fuck
This makes me so grumpy too. Anytime my SO wants to try out a new style or a risky piece of clothing, there's always something at target/urban outfitters/american apparel that she can see if she wants to buy better variants from another store. And I'm digging through B+S to find something to experiment and calling a $300 price tag a good deal and "not too much of a risk."
guidi and luc pants size 45 guidi http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17134 LM lab coat for 700 http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/151760-grail-iconic-cdg-h-tweed-jacket-from-fw98-runway-s/ very cool Comme blazer http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/150844-fsprice-dropsccp-u-soles-guidi-back-zips-rick-owens-memphis-balmain-drkshdw-ddisaora-kva-31-phillip-lim-marc-jacobs-boo/ older damir leather fencing jacket in sz 50...
I hope this doesn't mean you are regretting the MA+ jacket since it's cropped!but if it does... hit me up
Asymmetrical zip and no high collar kinda sounds like you want a fencing leather? Something like this?Don't get too excited though, its CCP. if you thought MMM was expensive...Maybe the new collateral concepts leather would be worth looking at, too. No asymmetric zip, but slim and fitting without a really high collar. Edit: also, that exact jacket (the sample) is for sale on stylezeitgeist for $1000. bit more palatable than the 3k for mmm maybe?
Also, better hurry up if you want to try out TOJ!
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