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Most aggrevating thing about SZ is that the "in" crowd of the forum is really obvious sometimes. Their outfits never get much criticism or even really critiqued, just praised, while anyone else gets harsh, aloof, and unhelpful comments. Oh, and the mods are in the in group, so dissenting voices get banned, or told that SZ isn't the right community for them, etc. I still like going on SZ and I even like a lot of the posters on there a good bit, but the holier than thou...
I wasn't too jazzed with the fits in that pic myself, and I actually like a fair chunk of the "SZ look" (I know, boring all black ) Liked the beige one most I think, but a lot of them seem like bad juxtapositions of really expensive stuff for the sake of it, or playing it really safe with all one brand and not thinking the outfit out beyond that cohesion. Just thought there might be some interesting discussion about why those fits are less successful than some other "dark"...
but that would ruin your whole look, man
speaking of SZ gathering pics, this reservoir dogs-ish image got posted over there a couple days ago
Rick, julius, damir, silent. For cheaper stuff, I hear good stuff about void the brand and kowtow.
Holy shit. Taxation is not supposed to benefit the person who pays it, personally. It is meant to create societal services, safety nets, and a better society and life for everyone, in a distributed general way. People getting mad that they don't always get as much or more out of the system than they personally pay in is what leads to stupid fucks like Ayn Rand.
Nice and surprisingly substantial slip ons from Marvielab. Canvas with a crepe (i think) sole. You've probably seen these shoes paired with Yohji in Iwvri's waywts. Have to let these go as they are simply too small for me and my feet hurt when I wear them. They've been worn about 8 times or so. Condition 7.5/10 for the wear on the soles and some mud (which is being cleaned off as you read this). These retailed on LN-CC for over $500 I believe (if I'm misremembering, remind...
Issey Miyake shirt I bought off rakuten. fits nicely oversized. This shirt has a straight hem, with small slits in the sides. The fabric is a thin, slightly sheer cotton with a crinkled effect. It looks great with yohji, comme, etc. Buyer pays +4% and shipping (or I might not even break even on this ) Measurements: s2s: 21" p2p: 23" shoulder to cuff: 21.5" collar to hem: 25"
I'm sadly putting these siki im pants I got a while back up for sale. Just couldn't get them to work how I wanted in my wardrobe, which is a shame because they are really awesome pants with a very interesting construction. Drawstrings at the waist and ankles, button fly, back pockets feature the siki im triangular flap with a buttoned closure. (One thing: the buttons on the back pockets were extremely loose when I got the pants, hanging by a thread. I detached them so that...
Can anybody point me in the direction of something similar to these A1923 sneakers that aren't nearly 2k? My google-fu (and apparently sneaker-fu) is weak I kinda can't believe that I can't find something so simple, just a minimal sneaker without a rubber toe cap. Figures that one of the few high end sneakers I've looked at and really liked is the most expensive pair by about a grand
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