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don't really like that quilting on one shoulder :/
For some reason I think these are awkward, but there is a version that uses reversed deer leather which looks way better imo.
I looked over my instructions again and I should probably make one thing clear about the pattern for the main body of the wallet. In the picture, the top two divisions by the creases are symmetrical, while the bottom "third" is somewhat smaller. this means that the card holders do not come up to the crease of the other two sections and allow the wallet to fold better. This might just be even more confusing
This is where I got my leather, but at a physical store location!
No problem! Having a lazy day today If anybody needs more detailed instructions with any of the steps, just post and I will try and take more photos to show it better!
Think I'm in love with this jacket, usually I can't see myself in leather jackets but this reversed leather with extended lining BBS has a softer look I'm really drawn to. If only the guy hadn't decided to keep it If anyone ever sees one of these for sale, PM me and I will be eternally grateful
I literally just googled "memphis leather shop" and went and looked for something suitably thin. It was like 30 bucks for a pretty big piece, I've made two wallets (one for my dad for father's day) and still have tons left. Things you will need: leather of your choice, thread, needle, awl, bone folder (or letter opener, or pen- something to crease your folds with), water, towel, pencil, scissors, superglue if you are very lazy like me I made the pattern out of paper and...
I dunno, the straight hem would look pretty cool I think. It's true the arms are pretty wide to pair with slim trousers, but the jacket would cover that. The wrinkly texture would be a nice contrast to a crisp T-000, too.
Went ahead and made an MA+ accordion wallet. I'm really happy with it to replace my old, old cardholder. This is nice and thin, and only a bit bigger than a credit card! I used thin lamb leather. I can post my pattern and instructions if anyone wants, it's really easy to do. There are only 8 stitches in the wallet. I've been using it for about a month and everything is holding very well
fair enough, I was grumpy yesterday
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