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my face or my clothes?
fair enough. ideal styling in my mind would be paired with the siki pants I also got, and some slip ons. have some marvielab canvas ones coming in soon to try edit: FWIW I really think this thing looks better in motion/person than in my iphone pix
real damn windy today #windowpic siki im/isaora/chucks
anyone know if marvielab shoes run tts or not?
1 day is a pretty short break from fitpics
marvielab, for summer use and with cropped pants. really really marked down too
try searching rakuten for brands like julius, the viridi-anne, devoa, rick, etc. If you are a small size, stuff shows up for pretty cheap fairly often.
reading the kickstarter page, aggravated by the paragraph about "we only make what we want to wear. A perfect slim straight leg. A timeless look that will never go out of style" Timeless is the worst clothing buzzword ever
maybe i'm missing something but those look hideous to me, sorry man
An interesting question: can dudes wear infinity scarves well?
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