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seconding the gosling look
baller grandma
Just wanted to post a big thanks to Drew and everyone else at TOJ/JC for this jacket. It really is an amazing piece and finally seeing a TOJ in person really clarifies why everyone raves about them here. The leather feels great and the fit is spot on, just what I wanted. Looks good with a tee but enough room for a sweater if I want it. Have gotten tons of compliments on how nice it looks and feels. I know some had reservations about how cream leather goes with the MDR but...
How baller are we talking? because if you're just looking for something fairly nice and simple, check bed bath and beyond my man (plebe suggestion)
If you're worried about the dress effect, maybe look into something like julius, long but pretty slim/tight. I know there are some t shirts pretty cheap on rakuten global by julius or maybe viridi anne. they also have some twisted hem stuff which can kinda give a similar look to drape (obviously very little "movement" or flow) but will cling a bit to your hips and so when you close the jacket you won't flair out.
gonna keep the leather, really like it and feel good wearing it! also got a lot of good reception on it when I wore it to a show last night. just wish the music had been better
I like it open, except I think a longer/drapier tee would help to marry the tighter jacket style with the bottom half (i know the bombers yohji too). right now the top looks too "classic" swd streetwear and isnt jiving as well as it could with the bottom imo
So just a shortish black blazer with somewhat pointed shoulders? What are you liking about that jacket besides its lapel and color, specifically?
Agree so much! I mean for example I love yohji but I wouldn't want to buy his lines exclusively. Plus I think it's more fun to get a variety and get creative about how to combine different labels
I do really love the color and fit is perfect. Plus, this color is discontinued in toj/John coppidge so if I don't keep it and ever want another, tough luck
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