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if jet bothers you you are too uptight for the internet
don't fuck with posters with 16,000 posts when you are new ---> how every online community has ever worked, ever
Man that is incredible. Now if only I had $6200 to spend on it
Shouldn't be an issue, it's a handmade blazer (PH actually). Might have to replace the yellow-white buttons after dying but that's not such a big deal
jesus christ i am so jealous
Anybody here have experience dyeing linen? If so, what kind of difficulties would I have to expect if I wanted to dye a 100% white linen jacket black or dark grey? The jacket in question has a white cotton lining also. Ideally I'd like to dye it in such a way that the whole thing comes out very dark grey/black. It seems like hot dyeing would be best for this, but I'm afraid the jacket might shrink too much. Is there a way to dye it that would have a good chance of...
what the fuck
This makes me so grumpy too. Anytime my SO wants to try out a new style or a risky piece of clothing, there's always something at target/urban outfitters/american apparel that she can see if she wants to buy better variants from another store. And I'm digging through B+S to find something to experiment and calling a $300 price tag a good deal and "not too much of a risk."
guidi and luc pants size 45 guidi LM lab coat for 700 very cool Comme blazer older damir leather fencing jacket in sz 50...
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