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the best part is even if its a troll that's a real picture, some sad dude bought and owns all that
All fair at my age/job going anywhere is treating myself so cheapness without grossness is relevant to me.
approaching #menswear critical mass
I had private rooms at every hostel I stayed at in Italy for ~70 euros so ymmv though!
I actually had better luck booking hostels everywhere I went in Italy; short notice, 60 euro a night max, and better A/C than any hotels I tried (if that's important to you). Also, you're gonna be exploring most of the time hopefully so where you stay isn't that important (to me).Florence is incredible, especially if you're an art nerd like me. Aside from the obvious classical stuff and the architecture, it's one of the best places in the world for handmade decorative...
When were you there? These are actually from summer 2012, but yeah when I was there the path/hiking trail was open except between two of the towns due to a mudslide, so we took a boat for that bit.For reference to cyc, if you wanna jump off rocks, the spots between the easternmost and the next town. They've got stairs cut into the rocks going off the walking path. Also in my experience, the east and west end towns were by far the most touristy and I didn't spend much time...
The Cinque Terre is incredibly gorgeous. I was able to zip over there for 3 days while I was in Florence for classes, and it's amazing. The seafood is incredible, and was actually really affordable (and I was on a very fixed budget for the whole trip). And I mean, how can you beat walking through a mountainside vineyard, looking down, and seeing the crystal clear Mediterranean several hundred feet below you- but maybe 150 feet away horizontally? There is definitely a bit...
i think i'm immune to being annoyed by that due to living in new orleans all my life
it's almost as though, sometimes there events in cities that many people attend
Just sayin'.
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