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Just sayin'.
did he vanish around the same time as moo?
clicked on one of the pictures and got taken back to styleforum circa 2009. very strange experience
i'm not even that big of a CCP fan but these are super good
Yeah seriously, you guys have never been friends/had a relationship with someone who wasn't interested or didn't care about something you liked?
yeah it seems I only ever see sz 41-44 these days; just lucky for me that I fall in that range I guesslayer-0 might be easier to find, just because using an insole + sizing up works easily and comfortably (if you want to keep that upturned toe shape you have to anyway), that's what I did- about 1 full size up (43 --> 44).
I have nothing but good things to say about the layer-0 derbies I have. Thick sturdy leather and a rounded upturned toe is pretty much ideal for derbies in my opinion. MA+ super good too but I'd say they are on the more formal end while the L0s are a bit more casual/hardwearing in style.edit: i'll throw in a picture of mine:
hahahaha, maybe so. but i always have good intentions of getting up and getting stuff done when i'm going to bed. its at the moment of waking up that i weaken lol
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