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where is charlie willy to school y'all on the supremacy of popeyes e: whoops
Label Under Construction reversible fishscale knit courtesy of spacepope.I didn't get a tote!
holy shit, wow
Ink. They still have that color but only size two, I guess I got the last 3. K's clothing has the same model in size 2 and 3 (last time I checked) but only in black. edit: Thanks guys
This is the inside left flap of the jacket, where a buttonhole would be. You use that section of string that is tied down on both sides like a buttonhole, and then if you want you can wrap the excess string around the next button over (I don't have the japanese figure for buttoning that tightly). Or at least that's how I've been doing it.
So the individual sentiments blazer I ordered came in last night. When I picked up the parcel from the Post Office, I was surprised at how heavy it was. This piece is substantial. Really thick and slightly rough material with a very soft lining in the body and arms. The details on this piece are really nice. I figured out how to work the string buttonhole after a while, too Also a relief- the gloves/extended lining are actually really easy to deal with. You can get them...
individual sentiments LUC (no vis) MA+ Layer-0 ~Textural Interest~ We never get snow in Memphis, this is awesome
Cormac McCarthy "They were watching, out there past men's knowing, where stars are drowning and whales ferry their vast souls through the black and seamless sea."
Devoa derbies, plus l'maltieri stuff for very small people LUC blazer, crazy inaisce shearling, awesome patchwork blazer julius sweater that I wish I could afford a1923 frontzip boots sz 41 crazy blue guidis silent damir doma jacket tons of diverse leathers, other jackets, geos, ramones, rick shorts + pants, various boots. seriously click through on this one! CCP long coat for cheapest I've seen boots, blazers, coats, all good stuff
I mean... the novel is narrated by a pedophile. Wouldn't you expect that? Non-sympathetic narrators are interesting, and I think the "uncomfortable-ness" of the book is part of the point.
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