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wut is a ballon
Just got these pants from jordache jeans, they are unfortunately a bit tight on me I've contemplated moving the buttons over a bit to fix this, but as the top button is snapped on rather than sewn, this would be a somewhat difficult (and irreversible) job, involving finding a new button and repairing a hole. So, I thought I'd see if anyone who grabbed a 50 in these needs them to be a bit smaller. My pair is black micro-herringbone (very small and subtle unless under...
moo you gotta take those guidis out of your sig, i keep forgetting they're sold and clicking all excited and then vv ha thanks vv
this + vans...just think of of the speed you could achieve...of the power
I feel like synth's shearling would be good in his fit, but he did post a while back about feeling too much like a literal space captain...
Slimmer pants, no cargo pockets with that blazer, blazer sleeves too long, blazer too formal for pants and shoes, no khaki and black (somewhat of a personal opinion), tuck shirt or get a more casual blazer, burn necklace.
Boots for the small footed guidi lace ups guidi backzips brown carpe diem more brown carpe black carpe diem nicolo ceshi berrini(?) CCP jackets and pants in various...
Zamb, I was just wondering about the tailoring option you offer. Can you give an estimate of how much of a price increase to expect over the list when asking for alterations, or is it decided case-by-case based on how much work needs to be done?
I love that coat so much, but I feel like it really needs some fuller pants, either pooling over the shoes or cropped and rolled. Maybe a low-ish crotch too. Right now the combination of its size + length and the skinny trousers rolled up and disappearing into the coat without even seeing your hips is making your legs look a bit stubby imo
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