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you are awesomeAlso, mostly just musing, and waiting on measurements for all of these, but what do you guys think?Blazers (mostly harndens):unlined black norfolkgrey wool norfolksilk standard blazer (my concern with this one is its probable delicate nature with that outer silk layer)and I have to link this one since there's no way to embed the large size image:individual sentiments jacket (gloves can be hidden in sleeves if desired)Any thoughts?
hahahahah, you post this kind of shit and then whine in waywt when people personally attack you, lol get fucked
Awesome, I will just distance myself from this community that I enjoy, not participating as much because mods don't deal with assholes
I ultra highkey think you need some better slang terms
You wanna hear about picking the wrong major to every make money, talk to me about my sculpture degree
I like long fingerless gloves, but I don't know if I like the cable knitting, notwithit :/
thanks mom
Not only narrowminded about fashion, he's a bigot too! Two for the price of one, folks!
hot damn, kgfan
why does this have to happen every two weeks
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