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Does anybody have that picture of a bearded buy wearing this vest over a gloved CCP leather jacket? Been trying to find it for a couple days and failing.
you can't be real
I'm having some trouble with my Layer-0 boots and thought I'd ask for advice here. The bottom layer of the leather sole keeps separating from the others. I think this is due to water getting in the crack and weakening the glue. I can't avoid the soles getting wet due to where I live being wet a lot of the time. I've taken them to a cobbler once and had them reglued and renailed, but they've come apart again, and this time I lost one of the nails [thumbdown] (It's possible...
MA+ high neck linen coat white washed ramones silk and cotton skirted swinger pants
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Maurizio-Amadei-M-A-Double-Fold-Short-Boot-/251473686569?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item3a8cfff029 like 15 min left on these. Size 44.
So after owning my IS jacket for a week and dealing with cold hands when walking around I finally discovered it has pockets I had looked for pockets too and not found them....
Oh, see, what I mean by 'stark' is the feeling of the prose, not it's efficiency. Murakami can go on and on about tiny details but the way he does it, so matter-of-fact and simply is what I mean. The opposite of the way Murakami does detail would be in my mind the way Dickens does it.
Neuromancer also if you haven't read it already I recommend going straight to Snow Crash since its basically jacked up absurdist neuromancer
double awesome
Okay, sorry. I'm going to tone down my rhetoric; I'd rather have a discussion than a shrieking match.First of all, you really aren't punishing the rude waiter in most cases. Most restaurants now (in my experience and the experience of friends who have worked many restaurant jobs) pool tips. All the tips go into one big fund which gets split by percentages according to job- busboy, waiter, host, etc. So, you don't really stick it to the server who was rude, you just reduce...
New Posts  All Forums: