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Okay, does anybody know what happened on SZ that got Merz and a bunch of other people banned, and Faust and his circle won't talk about them ever? Like, I'm honestly curious what kind of drama could cause that seeing as Merz posted a ton of good shit and seemed well-like.e: also, all of merz' comments are gone. from every thread. you can only see stuff other people quoted. that is some incredible pettiness on someones part
possibly worse http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qW5LCqg_Tncedit: wait just rewatched it definitely worse
counterpoint: Cloak
^^ disagreeeeeee No hate to synth girl
Ehhhh. Very unsure. Someone will probably post an awesome fit and prove me wrong though. Also, am I just not Next Level enough, or is that a completely horrendous haircut
All cream imo (but I do love my monochrome)
Wow man I know this is a close knit community but there is such a thing as too much information
I mean it might not be, but didn't you just buy jeans with separately adjustable legs?
Last couple of months: Comme de Garcons fur lined blazer (which I'll probably dye black because I'm boring ) Zamb minimalist slim pant in heavy black linen Zamb overlocked dna pant in black micro-herringbone Lumen et Umbra frayed seam hidden placket shirt (thanks s'pope!) And two items I haven't received yet: Label Under Construction fishscale knit (thanks again s'pope!) Individual Sentiments gloved blazer
New Posts  All Forums: