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The You Look Like Shit board on Something Awful
I've got no idea, actually. The jacket has the brand name in punched out braille on a leather slip inside the jacket. Has that always been present in Devoa clothing, or would that help determine the season?
Devoa wool jacket Devoa wool pants The fitpics are from the seller. I did get these in yesterday, but haven't had a chance to take a picture (and I won't actually get to wear them for 2+ months down here in New Orleans ). They fit perfectly though, very very happy with them. The pants especially blew me away; somebody on here posted that Devoa makes the best pants in the game, and I think I might agree with them. Confirming my weird shoulder/hip ratio: jacket...
really like that jil shirt man
well at least now I remember why I never do it. willing my hair to grow back faster.
Can you clarify what you mean by balance the fizzyness with ice? if it's too fizzy, add more aperol, or cut your soda water with flat water, or sub the soda water with orange juice (will make it sweeter though). (This assumes a recipe of roughly 1:2:1- aperol : prosecco : soda water, adjusting to taste)
Just picked this up late last night, cracking it open in a half hour or so. Very excited
That feeling when you think that you haven't been actually cleanshaven for 2+ years and maybe its time for a change but then
Duuuuuuuuunks I grew up just outside of New Orleans and everyone called that the city. Seems pretty standard if you live just outside somewhere cool
If it had to be one of those the first, but both of their pockets are bizarre in a bad bad way
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