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Yeah, I checked to see if they were just mislabeled, but they are definitely the Js. the DNAs I ordered are supposed to fit very slim and the Js are more roomy and tapered.
Hey Zam, I think my order got switched with somebody elses- got J-jeans in sz. 54 instead of DNA pants in sz. 50. Just wanted to let you know and ask what the procedure is. On that note, if anyone didn't get the J-jeans they ordered and got minimalist DNAs in the wrong size instead, maybe we can just work out a swap and get it straightened out more quickly
I liked thumbs too, but it was sometimes kinda annoying to scroll back to a fit to follow the thumb conversation. It would have been nice if there was some way to "tag" a post and get alerts when new thumb comments got added.
I think I like the new uniqlo +J vest. Shame it wouldn't work with anything in my wardrobe :/
pant texture is insane
Aaaaand yup, creepy feeling was entirely justified as per your recent activity on the forum: classy!
Something about those trailing ellipses gives that post an extraordinarily creepy mood
derbies 1 or 2 pairs of boots a couple sweaters scarf fragrance tees ...that's it, really. But it will probably take me until February or so.
Like 90% of what SF wears will make you stick out like a sore thumb everywhere, its a sick jacket
Amam I the only one who really really liked hard boiled wonderland? That one was really affecting for meGreat write up by the way!
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