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IE by Erik Ohrstrom. Small brand, I don't know of anyone who stocks online except for LayersLondon and hide-m. Very unfortunate because it all looks very nice
That's an admirably zen way to deal with it, considering that's gotta be roughly $1600 tied up in those orders
Personally I find that I don't want to read as much or for as long without an actual book. The tactile experience is important for me. Also, if you're the sort of person who likes to make notes in a book or flip back to earlier passages, it's much harder to do that sort of thing. I do have a Nook, though mainly for the incredible amount of public domain literature available for free online. I have to admit I love having shelves and shelves of books, though, so e-readers...
Here's another question about dyeing: I have a canvas backpack with canvas straps. Is there any way to tell whether it's been finished in some way that prevents dyeing or staining? And how long would the dye bleed if it did take? I don't want to turn it black only to find I can't carry any papers or anything in it.
Cool. I need some tougher jeans for studio and woodworking but I'd like to be able to wear them around as well. Figured I might try those secondnarrow j-cuts but I don't like wearing indigo jeans. Unfortunately it looks like they're sold out so the hunt continues.
So, the effect of both the warp and weft being black... would that just mean the pants will fade differently?Any recs for a better true black fabric dye? I have a couple things that need it.
So here's a kind of weird question: what would happen if I rit-dyed brand new raw denim jet black? Would the dye take at all?
I guess I'm lame because I really like everything on the jacket except that orange hood :/
Oof. bit too steampunk/kingdom-hearts-zipper-hell for me, haha. the second one is beautiful though.
Thanks zam. Pleasure to deal with you as always
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