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Never said it was man, I was just saying that my suggestion of the shearling jacket would make him look very space-captainy. Which I like, fwiw, but I believe Synth said something about that look feeling a little too literal on him lately.
My list of books I have bought/received and are on my bookshelf that I haven't even opened: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Susanna Clarke Idoru, William Gibson Neuromancer, William Gibson exegesis, Astro Teller Destination: Void, Frank Herbert Ringworld, Larry Niven The Drowned World, J.G. Ballard Grendel, John Gardner The Last Gentleman, Walker Percy After Dark, Murakami South of the Border, West of the Sun, Murakami Cat's Cradle, Vonnegut Timequake,...
If those are your new suede guidis, you are a braver man than I
Currently reading this, which I picked up based on a vague recommendation and the fact that it was $2.00 at the used bookstore It's pretty good. It has a similar sort of matter-of-fact way of telling the story to some Murakami, only it's purely realistic (so far, but I don't anticipate a shift) and more concerned with the clashing of '60s-'80s Chinese communist policies and traditional Confucian values. The only thing I find jarring is the fact that the story takes...
julius gasmask cargos sz 3
The sleeves looked kinda bell shaped in that picture. Like too wide for the body of the blazer. But I assume its a yoox pic and so the actual jacket will look way better?
wut is a ballon
Just got these pants from jordache jeans, they are unfortunately a bit tight on me I've contemplated moving the buttons over a bit to fix this, but as the top button is snapped on rather than sewn, this would be a somewhat difficult (and irreversible) job, involving finding a new button and repairing a hole. So, I thought I'd see if anyone who grabbed a 50 in these needs them to be a bit smaller. My pair is black micro-herringbone (very small and subtle unless under...
moo you gotta take those guidis out of your sig, i keep forgetting they're sold and clicking all excited and then vv ha thanks vv
this + vans...just think of of the speed you could achieve...of the power
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