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Duuuuuuuuunks I grew up just outside of New Orleans and everyone called that the city. Seems pretty standard if you live just outside somewhere cool
If it had to be one of those the first, but both of their pockets are bizarre in a bad bad way
Just build an awesome pedestal and/or rotating display case like they have in truckstop diners and enjoy your awesome conversation piece
2 absolute and immutable requirements for rented apartments imo:Non-carpet floors in at least a majority of rooms (and preferably all since carpets full of cat hair are truly awful)Gas stove
probably sounds snobby but $100 leather jacket is gonna be shitty
Was just about to do that Very well deserved to both
fuck. yes.
Start stocking up on your post-apocalyptic jawnz y'all NASA study predicts likely societal collapse within next few decades
That's the one! Thanks
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