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If those are your new suede guidis, you are a braver man than I
Currently reading this, which I picked up based on a vague recommendation and the fact that it was $2.00 at the used bookstore It's pretty good. It has a similar sort of matter-of-fact way of telling the story to some Murakami, only it's purely realistic (so far, but I don't anticipate a shift) and more concerned with the clashing of '60s-'80s Chinese communist policies and traditional Confucian values. The only thing I find jarring is the fact that the story takes...
julius gasmask cargos sz 3
The sleeves looked kinda bell shaped in that picture. Like too wide for the body of the blazer. But I assume its a yoox pic and so the actual jacket will look way better?
wut is a ballon
Just got these pants from jordache jeans, they are unfortunately a bit tight on me I've contemplated moving the buttons over a bit to fix this, but as the top button is snapped on rather than sewn, this would be a somewhat difficult (and irreversible) job, involving finding a new button and repairing a hole. So, I thought I'd see if anyone who grabbed a 50 in these needs them to be a bit smaller. My pair is black micro-herringbone (very small and subtle unless under...
moo you gotta take those guidis out of your sig, i keep forgetting they're sold and clicking all excited and then vv ha thanks vv
this + vans...just think of of the speed you could achieve...of the power
I feel like synth's shearling would be good in his fit, but he did post a while back about feeling too much like a literal space captain...
Slimmer pants, no cargo pockets with that blazer, blazer sleeves too long, blazer too formal for pants and shoes, no khaki and black (somewhat of a personal opinion), tuck shirt or get a more casual blazer, burn necklace.
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