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Thinking about trying out these zara tees. $60 for two with free shipping and returns, sounds pretty safe to me. What do you guys think, worth giving it a shot?
I never posted these here, but I did end up taking exact measurements for the wallet pattern. Here they are if you're thinking of making one, troika
if you still want a bag you could consider making a canvas lining, might give it some more structure
There's a little part of me that misses the raw denim from my americana days and working in the shop is the only place where I'd actually break them in and they'd be useful
yeah sorry, tough was maybe the wrong word. What I meant is I have to bend down, squat, crouch, etc a lot in the studio and I don't want to do that in pants with weird spiral seams and stuff bc I don't know how they would react to that stress. Usually the only thing the pants will be exposed to is sawdust and sweat (if I'm using paint or varnish I switch to extremely shitty jeans i keep in the shop that already have paint and fiberglass all over them).So, maybe n&f's...
Can anyone recommend a pair of reasonably priced dark grey raw denim? I need something tough enough to wear in my studio but that still looks decent and I have too many black pants. I was gonna go with these unbrandeds but they're sold out and being discontinued I'd like to spend under $150 and lower would be even better. Should I just go with these grey naked and famous, or are there better options? (also, how much stretch in the waist can I expect in the n&f? at least...
Man, if you know where to get BBS j-cuts or anything like that with heavy denim for $250, you let me know. Never seen those under $600 even on deep discount.
IE by Erik Ohrstrom. Small brand, I don't know of anyone who stocks online except for LayersLondon and hide-m. Very unfortunate because it all looks very nice
That's an admirably zen way to deal with it, considering that's gotta be roughly $1600 tied up in those orders
Personally I find that I don't want to read as much or for as long without an actual book. The tactile experience is important for me. Also, if you're the sort of person who likes to make notes in a book or flip back to earlier passages, it's much harder to do that sort of thing. I do have a Nook, though mainly for the incredible amount of public domain literature available for free online. I have to admit I love having shelves and shelves of books, though, so e-readers...
New Posts  All Forums: