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I may try this, thanks what sort of oil would you use? A good bit of my regret admittedly is based on buying an MDR right before a pretty large shift in desired style :/
Synth, you should really try to find Due Fratellini, south of the Duomo on Via dei Cimatori. If you leave the Piazza del Duomo (with the main cathedral) by Via del Proconsolo going south towards the river, turn right at Via del Corso, left at Via dei Cerchi, and the left at Via dei Cimatori. Due Fratellini is a stall built into the wall of the alley. There is enough room for two guys to stand in there. There is a list of about 40 sandwiches they make fresh as you order...
I'd be super interested to know why in more detail! I thought it was really good, and liked the shoddy/cheesy faux-noir style contrasted with the contemplative, haiku-like writing of the end of the world. Maybe we can get some full on literary discussion up in here
True. I may just be too previous level for my jacket
These are the ones I have a few pairs of, they are the best I've ever worn but as you see, $28 a pop
A word of very serious advice: don't get a white leather jacket until you have a black one that you are totally happy with. Seriously don't. I did, and while I think it's a great jacket, it's not like having a black leather. You don't feel like you can wear it every day. Realistically, you really can't (I was this close to becoming the "white leather jacket guy"). Please please please get an awesome black leather you can wear all the time first, white is a standout piece....
I'd proxy them for you if you wanted
Calvin Klein's micro trunks are super soft and comfy, but they are like $23 a pair :/ Hard to make myself buy them when a 5 pack is a few voidthebrand tees on sale.
edit: not sure if this was clear in the original post, but I don't consider the green cloth gloves to be a finished version! Just a test I thought I'd share before doing some more substantial materials More MA+ diy: Wanted these gloves, can't justify $450 price tag: So I cut up an old green pillowcase to fuck around with how the gloves would work in 3D, and eventually got a pattern for it. Traced my pattern onto more sickly green pillow-cloth, pinned up the seams,...
size?? almost sure its gonna be too small for me but I can dream right?
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