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Felted cotton pullover in dark grey, cut in Devoa's anatomical pattern (I've included 2 inside-out shots to show the patterning around the armpits and on the back). Sleeves are cut in spirals, body is darted in the back and around the chest, which allows a lot of freedom of movement while still having a snug fit. I'm a slim 50 and the piece is quite fitted on me. The included fitpic is on someone between a 46 and 48, so depending on the desired look it can work for...
Really beautiful pants from Devoa in a rare larger size. I've lost some weight and these no longer fit, or I'd never consider letting them go. My loss is your gain! The pants have a rough woven texture in deep black with fraying hems (by design). Fabric is a fairly heavy 62% silk and 38% cotton blend, lined in 100% cotton. These are definitely fall/winter pants, they're really warm, cozy, and comfortable. Each leg is cut in a spiral pattern which wraps around the wearer's...
Classic guidi heeled backzip in rough reverse leather. Size 45, fits smaller as is usually with Guidi boots. Fits a 44 well, or a 43-43.5 with an insole. They're too big on me so I'm passing them on. Worn a fair amount by the previous owner, only tried on by me (inside). Some visible wear, but no structural damage of any kind. I believe these were vibrammed while new, all sole wear is only on the vibram and easily replaced (although it isn't close to needing a...
Waywt Halloween edition I know the new movie just came out and it was rad but what can I say, I'm a fan of the classics
Yessss, sazeracs rule. I need to get my bar back together asap so I can put a good one together. So far the sazerac pickings are slim since moving away from NO. What's your absinthe of choice?
This looks like a not-too-complicated project to attempt for practice, might have to go for it! just have to get some really sick fabric
some cool stuff from an old friend's SS16 collection quoi alexander
It deserves better pics, I'm super happy I managed to snag it. I'll try to get some photos of it by itself in good lighting at least
greetings from nyc (where i live now (lets hang out pls) )ma+/devoa/zb/ma+sorry for the blur, good camera lost in boxes atmdeets: [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, here they are (well, one side):So I found the right kind of hinges, but I'm having a hard time finding Pfaff specifc ones. They aren't expensive, so I might just grab a few pairs and see how well they fit.
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