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holy http://www.ebay.com/itm/M-A-MAURIZIO-AMADEI-WHITE-CARBON-WASHABLE-CALF-AVIATOR-JACKET-48-/181506851841?pt=US_CSA_MC_Outerwear&hash=item2a42a6c401
Save up for something better that will last you a while.
If you want I'll PM you when mine comes in and let you know how the fabric/fit is.
This guy is selling several Devoa pieces for really reasonable prices. The other two pieces I posted a few days ago I also got from him.His eBay pageHe's got another of the same top I just got in a sz. 50 if that's your size!
Someone who wears a 45 buy these, they're beautiful: http://re-porter.ca/shoes/extended-lining-back-zip-boot/
Some of the pockets and details remind me of some cloak jackets:
^^Nice pickup man, excited to see a fit with it Devoa heavy cotton top Silent siki shirt
^^^ yessss I like the sneakers with the fit, too. The only thing I was thinking is I kinda wish the sleeves were rolled down and left long. Both sleeves and pants rolled is looking a little weird to me.
Needles is pretty great now that I think of it. Despite being impossible to Google
Wow, didn't even think about that. weird
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