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Yeah, here they are (well, one side):So I found the right kind of hinges, but I'm having a hard time finding Pfaff specifc ones. They aren't expensive, so I might just grab a few pairs and see how well they fit.
I like stange clothes and strange construction methods, and figuring things out, and making stuff in general! Also being able to do my own repairs and alterations is a huge plus. Thanks for the tips regarding making the table. I think I've found some hinges that will work (asked around on a sewing forum), so with some luck the table will be a reality soon. Hopefully I can start making some good contributions to this thread in not too long.
thanks! I was very excited to find it. Now if I can just get my hands on an overlocker I will really be set up
Has anyone got any experience re: mounting an old sewing machine into a table? I've been practicing my sewing for about 6 months or so and a couple months ago I came across a very nice old machine which only needed a little bit of tuning up to be completely functional. It's this Pfaff 130 from 1952: Straight stitch and zigzag only, but the stitches are incredibly strong (I watched one of the ladies at the shop sew through about a quarter inch of leather with this...
i've never seen so many good waywts in summer. good job y'all
Just picked up these guidis, here's hoping they fit Should be my last major purchase for quite a while, now I need to save all my money for moving to NYC!
middle fit is fire
those weird beltloop epaulets look super bad
well I haven't bought these yet, I was considering them. They're the low heeled backzips in reverse horse. The outsole's 12"; my vans also fit snug (maybe 1/4" extra room in the toe) and they're about 11.75". Do you think that would work?
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