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i've never seen so many good waywts in summer. good job y'all
Just picked up these guidis, here's hoping they fit Should be my last major purchase for quite a while, now I need to save all my money for moving to NYC!
middle fit is fire
those weird beltloop epaulets look super bad
well I haven't bought these yet, I was considering them. They're the low heeled backzips in reverse horse. The outsole's 12"; my vans also fit snug (maybe 1/4" extra room in the toe) and they're about 11.75". Do you think that would work?
How snugly should Guidi backzips fit? I've heard that they should be pretty tight. how much toe room do I need, assuming they'll stretch a bit?
Yeah I heard it wasn't very good. Bummer
Read Number9Dream, it's pretty good! It's by David Mitchell who did Cloud Atlas and it feels kinda Snowcrash-y
Hey, if anybody wants a pair of those rough suede converse in the vaporous grey (white) color in size 9.5, let me know. These are too big for me and I lost the return slip.
New Posts  All Forums: