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Gas with wood chips is the way to go If you are cooking with gas with the lid closed you can put in a pan of wet wood chips, or hot charcoal and get the flavor of a charcoal grill.
Last year my friend joined one and she got so much that she was giving lots away weekly and freezing some. Join-you will be glad you did. The taste and quality of the produce is great.
I love cake. All cakes. My favorite is what I have.
growing solutions for a small apartment? I grow basil in pots on my balcony. Don't get a lot of sun, but still grows all summer. And smells great too.
I had to PAY someone to take my 27" Sony.
I like good quality cotton sheets and firm down pillows.
Thank you for posting this. Very nice.
Please don't tell your mother. Often the wife is the first to know, but says nothing and doesn't want to face it.
Stollen money order.
Saw the first robin of spring. It was big, fat and really looked nice after all the snow this winter. As it flew off, it shit on my head.
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