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Just before Christmas: 9:40 PM. UPS. One knock on the door, put down the package and hauled ass.
I think we were bait and switched! The chick in the op now is a fucking cow! Looks like she ate the bait..and the fucking cow too.
Yes. In Amsterdam. Only once.
Take the pictures to who ever cuts your hair. They should be able to help, or at least tell you if it's do-able.
Heinz Ketchup Hellmann's Mayonnaise Mitchum Smart Solid-unscented Kiehl's Blue Eagle shave cream (I like all Kiehl's products)
No. I've lived in 7 cities in 4 states in 2 countries.
26 - 27 - Ideal, this is where you should be. You can pull off DiorHomme without a blink of the eye Who here has a 26 inch waist?
On my 30th birthday I didn't feel well, but went to work. I felt worse, and went to the doctor. The nurse put me in the room to wait for the doctor. He walked in with my chart in his hand, and said "here's the problem. Your warranty just ran out. Happy birthday."
I hate Miami.
Looks like SPAM. Has anyone had the fruit cake from harry and david that's all fruit and almost no cake? I like it, but it's not really a cake.
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