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I have a regular Platinum card. I find the benefits to be better than any other card I have. I also have the option of paying purchases (which I can choose) over time. I've never done this, but the interest is about the same as other cards. And the "points" can be used for just about anything. All in all, its a good card to have.
+1. I've used American Express for years and never had a problem.
I guess when I missed work someone would check on me after the second day.
Shit...I run away from that stuff.
Makes me proud to be an American. Gives me hope that some day, I too can own a monkey.
We launched our boat today, so I had to reverse the car and boat down to the water, on a narrow dirt road with lots of mud on either side I've done that before. You make it sound much easier than it is.
Thanks for readin.'[/quote] You're welcome.
Ask the super to be there. That's what he's paid for
"It's a small world." Took the boat ride at Disney World years ago while they played the song 18,510 times. It was an E ticket ride at the time. Just thinking about it...it won't go away.
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