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Makes me proud to be an American. Gives me hope that some day, I too can own a monkey.
We launched our boat today, so I had to reverse the car and boat down to the water, on a narrow dirt road with lots of mud on either side I've done that before. You make it sound much easier than it is.
Thanks for readin.'[/quote] You're welcome.
Ask the super to be there. That's what he's paid for
"It's a small world." Took the boat ride at Disney World years ago while they played the song 18,510 times. It was an E ticket ride at the time. Just thinking about won't go away.
I've heard that brushing with peroxide and baking soda (combined to make a paste) is good for your teeth and gums. Is this true? Can it do any harm?
I have one. Not sure of the brand-got it at William Sonoma. Works great. Use it often, and like it.
Chocolate. Have it in some form every day. Right now: Easter candy.
Pratesi. A wise investment All Pratesi products are great, but expensive. I clean my comforter (it's a king size) in the steam dryer. I put in in the dryer with a couple of cheap tennis shoes in clean socks to help fluff it up. Some can be washed, but take forever to dry. If you can put it in the sun, that seems to freshen and fluff it up. If you buy a new one, try to get at least 650+ fill. Now is a good time to buy, as they are often on sale.
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