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[QUOTE= Accessories"ยข\t24K Gold } 24K Gold what? A zip lock bag of loose nuggets? 24K is a little on soft side for most accessories.
I was in a fraternity in a southern school. Hazing was based on embarrassment, not violence. We did a lot of drinking, but it was optional, not forced. Same with drugs. The worse act I saw was when Crazy Eddie peed on an electric fence.
I flew both BA and AF. Cabins were a bit tight; no sleeper seats like we have today. From check in to arrival, service was great.
So why does he have to come on a Saturday? Messes up the entire week end. For months I kept running into these people passing out leaflets, and converting all they could to join the cause. Haven't seen any for a few weeks.
I started going grey in college. And it never stopped going.
Looks good, and if the color makes you feel good, so much the better.
[QUOTE-- We are asking for money, and will be leaving a "Wishing Well" deal where people can drop their cards off with checks or cash or whatever. Tasteful. Hope they drop the checks or cash in the Wishing Well and too much of the "whatever."
+1 Volvo +100 Subaru
How good is their concierge service? We have a gold card and we travel a minimum of three times a year but always end up at the air port hours early Always have good luck with the concierge service getting restaurant reservations; the airline clubs admission is good. They often have double/triple awards on certain types of purchases.
New Posts  All Forums: