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My sister has one of those soda makers--loves it and uses it all the time. You'll like it.
Watermelon Pineapple Pears
Didn't in stitches say today was his b'day and he'd be opening gifts all day? Wonder what kind of cake he had.
[QUOTE=in stitches;4481107 1. decent 2. trying to be decent 3. not decent or 1. racists 2. liars +1
What kind of sportcoat?
Even Jesus doesn't want those damn Bible-thumping cafeteria Christians.
Damn, I missed it in 1972. I guess he's like Haley's Comet, but only returns every 39 years.
[QUOTE=Do you guys think I should drop the vest? You may want to drop the vest for added comfort. We know the day, but not the time he's coming. They haven't even told us which time zone, so it could be a long day. We'll have to be dressed and ready for each zone. If not, he (He) could come while you're in the shower, with soap in your eyes and unshaven. Better to be a bit over dressed, but you may be the suit for a long time.
What does one wear to the Rapture? Don't want to be overdressed, but want to look good for the big event.
I grew up going between the US and the UK. When in London, we would eat the "English" way--fork in left hand (upside down) and knife in right hand, with index fingers extended on each utensil. In the US we would go back the the "American" way. Both are equally comfortable for me, but I eat the American way in the US, and usually in Europe. However, when in UK, I still eat the English way without thinking about it.
New Posts  All Forums: