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Like this. Buy a few white and blue shirts to start. No one will even notice. Five shirts should be enough to start. Get a good fit, buy on sale if possible, keep them clean and ironed, and you'll look fine.
Whatever you get, try to break them in prior to the cruise.
I dry clean when dirty or if I wear them outside in really hot weather. I press them myself after two or three wearings.
I've also been doing it wrong. I'll try both methods and see if I can get it right.
Check with the carrier your dad has. Sometimes the majors are cheaper than some of the "off brands." Check prices with as many as you can.
the title of the thread is "what MANLY stuff did you do today?" not "what did you do today?" Yeah, some of these guys are so butch that anything they do is MANLY.
My sister has one of those soda makers--loves it and uses it all the time. You'll like it.
Watermelon Pineapple Pears
Didn't in stitches say today was his b'day and he'd be opening gifts all day? Wonder what kind of cake he had.
[QUOTE=in stitches;4481107 1. decent 2. trying to be decent 3. not decent or 1. racists 2. liars +1
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