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It's not government money. UC is paid by the employers. After you collect, your former employer's rate will go up. The federal government kicks in for the extension after you collect for 26 weeks--if there are any. Once you have an employee, you'll be paying the tax even if none of your employees ever collect. Just remember, you have to state that you are able, available, and activly seeking full time employment, and report any work/earning.
The RL stuff looks like shit. It must be a joke that got out of hand.
As I understand, Korman felt that searches were so rare that there is "not a substantial risk" that a device will be subject to a search without a reasonable suspicion. He also said it's an inconvenience associated with international travel, and no one has to carry said device, and the government does not need a reasonable suspicion AT THE BORDER. I guess the border is now 100 miles.
Kentucky or Pakistan? New Jersey. Go figure.
mid 40's. Married at 18.
I have a friend who's initials are FUK.
A woman in my office is married to her first cousin. Hell, they had (and still have) the same last name. She sees nothing wrong with this. Today she is raising hell that inter-racial marriages should be against the law as it reduces intelligence of the offspring and is "dumbing down this great country."
It was part of the Soviet Republic (Russia). Next to Romania.
Dominicans like the PR pride parade?
sad, sad day when pie beats cake (with butter cream frosting).
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