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Thanks! Follow-up--Would an MTM like Black Lapel be a reasonable option, if I can scrape together the capital?
In Boston--I've been visiting thrift stores (Keezer's, STA, The Closet) in search of a suit, but nothing I've found so far will fit. 38S is perfect in the chest and length, but the shoulders are invariably a bit too big. I've found a good tailor, but he maintains that these are not worth altering. Does anyone have ideas on how to proceed, on a slender budget? I'd be grateful for suggestions.
Quote: Originally Posted by ashpool Is Visa better or worse than Amex in Europe? I prefer Visa, in general, because it's accepted by anyone who takes credit cards. Amex has great perks, but the high interchange fees means a lot of merchants won't take it. For travel abroad, though, the bottom line is to take whichever card minimizes foreign transaction fees. Same thing goes for cash--use ATMs linked to an account that has low foreign...
It might not be such a bad thing for the one child to be better at athletics--that's just the luck of the draw sometimes. It could even be a good thing in the long run, if the other child views her sister's ability as something to strive for rather than something to get discouraged over. But I appreciate that that's not part of most 4-year-olds' skill set Rock climbing's a great sport though, and until then +1 for shibbel's non-athletic suggestions. Or I guess you...
PM'd on 7, 8.
PM'd on 11 and 12
Great suit, Svenn! Would you mind describing its characteristics (ie the tailoring choices you made), for someone new to the bespoke world--or indeed, anything other than OTR? It would be most informative.
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