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You ment to say similar, smart ass.
And mine should be "big cawk" you know because I have a big cawk.
Bought it, can you guys confirm this is the travel size?
The glow pic is hard to capture but I'm talking my DSLR out this weekend and Ill finally make an attempt to get the picture.
Thanks guys! I'm going to swing by my local AE today and pick some up.
You're more than welcome to focus on giving me a recommendation.
What color is the edge of the Strand? I bought brown Saphir edge dressing but I don't think it matches up. I would prefer to stick with Saphir products, I'm a little OCD like that.
Any recommendations for a sub 1k chair? (used obviously) I like the Eames for HM LCW but its more than I would like to spend at the moment. Is there a chance that I can find a used leather version under 1k? How comfortable is the chair? Other recommendations? (I plan to use it in my room so I can sit and read)
seriously? I thought some of you guys loved the socks, at least thats the impression I got.
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