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Oh okay, I hadn't picked up on that. Thanks.
Why Is Real called "Benz"?
Sup plebs
Okay guys I'm having a bit of a problem, my 702s have become uncomfortable in the thigh area. I wasn't planning on increasing the size of my thighs when I bought them but things change. Not sure what I am going to do, if anyone has a pair of 702s in a size 33 they want to swap for a size 32 pm me. If that doesn't work out I am leaning towards selling them.
That we have the act because the veterans lobbied for it? Or Thanks to our disabled veterans we have to take care of more disable people?
Is there a cable company that lets you watch soccer matches online or a soccer pss like NBA league pass? I want to watch the games on my computer without having to deal with the bootleg shit.
what up, I got a big cawk.
damn, the cap on the Park Avenues looks really small.
Stop buying cheap candle holders
You ment to say similar, smart ass.
New Posts  All Forums: