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Apparently someone else is in the same boat that I was in.
Who said I was buying a car for the insurance discount? is comps that shit. Sure, call me a pleb for not wanting to pay 400 USD for a key. Ill take that.
why not brah?
do you get sechs?
Thank you guys for reminding me, the collar messed up on one of my shirts and I have a hole in the armpit of two of my shirts...maybe three.
I felt bad for Barca, my money is on Dortmund for the final. Anyone want to bet?
fawking plebs man, fawking plebs
Buying a new VW key
"My son is full of surprises, just yesterday after a very nice sermon that spoke about eternal life, I took him to target. As I am trying to smother him like I always do ( he doesn't like it too much) I told him that I was going to hug and kiss him till he was 100 years old. He sai "mom, when I'm 100 years old I'm gonna be in the sky with papa chuz" which in my family it means with Jesus .. It's crazy how he knows that!"
sup bitches, I'm BACK!!!!
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