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So I am in New York for the weekend and my feet are freezing. I only brought my Strand's and CP Achilles. I am considering buying some boots tomorrow, would the long branch be a substantial improvement in terms of warmth over the strand? Also how does it hold up with snow and rain? I am sure this has been answered before but I don't want to search/dont have much time to be on the forum and I hope someone can answer my question. Thanks guys!
what's wrong with macklemore?
I really enjoyed this track on The Heist. AND THIS.
I rather experience getting stuck by lightning, as long as there is no permanent damage, it would be a cool story to tell. That or a shark bite.
I don't see the appeal in having a black belt, especially one that looks like that.
I'm waiting for them to change the color of the waistband. white was a dumb idea IMO.
Contact the seller if you want to return them
Wtf everlane, this is happening to two of the shirts I bought last month. Is anyone else having this problem?
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