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Do they make a shell version of the Bayfield?
You watch egghand...
I'm an 11.5B in the patriot loafer, I ordered an 11.5D shell Dalton am I going to have speed bumps (crazy wrinkles)?
Can someone please pm me the contact info for the shoe bank, pleeeaassseeee
Thoughts on the Patriot loafer? Anyone know of a store that has it for less than msrp that qualifies for AE price matching?
Yeah, the one and only CalTex has an amazing proxy service.
Do you live in Houston? I haven't gone to the one in New York, yet. The plebs keep touching the bottom of the green projection and I always notice the smudges their shoes make. It's annoying. Do you live in Houston Tira?
Check out the other sns thread, it goes on for pages about sizing.
I wonder how long its going to be before this thread becomes about sizing.
New Posts  All Forums: