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I recently purchased a pair of shell patriots when the shell second's sale was going on and I noticed two things.1. A spot/hole/scratch on the inner wall of the right loafer but it doesn't appear to go through. (I have no intention of poking it to find out either) Has anyone experienced a similar problem, what was the outcome? I don't mind a scratch but a hole would worry me.2. Along the stitching of the toe there appears to be an untanned part exposed. I would like to...
Does anyone know when the next JAB sale, that includes shoe trees (3 for 1 deal), is? Has AE's changed the cap-toe of the park avenue? (I know some members were complaining that it was too small)
How often do shell cordovan seconds go on sale?I ordered a pair of daltons in a 11.5D and my first impression is that they are half a size too big. (I'm a 11.5B in the calf patriot/strand for reference.)I also have a 11.B shell cordovan patriot coming in the mail, I hope its not big. How much should I be able to press down on the middle of the laces? Here is a picture for reference. [[SPOILER]]
Do they make a shell version of the Bayfield?
You watch egghand...
I'm an 11.5B in the patriot loafer, I ordered an 11.5D shell Dalton am I going to have speed bumps (crazy wrinkles)?
Can someone please pm me the contact info for the shoe bank, pleeeaassseeee
Thoughts on the Patriot loafer? Anyone know of a store that has it for less than msrp that qualifies for AE price matching?
Yeah, the one and only CalTex has an amazing proxy service.
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