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Any word on the glow and the dark weird guys coming back?
The best color... No way.
Does the fisherman sweater in dark army mix look like this in real life?
That's the grey mix one right?
Anyone know where I can buy a large purple stark?
What sns piece is everyone buying this year?
go to sleeep booth
Wearing Dalton's, for the first time, today and I had to unlace the right boot to drive, how long until the leather softens?
I recently purchased a pair of shell patriots when the shell second's sale was going on and I noticed two things.1. A spot/hole/scratch on the inner wall of the right loafer but it doesn't appear to go through. (I have no intention of poking it to find out either) Has anyone experienced a similar problem, what was the outcome? I don't mind a scratch but a hole would worry me.2. Along the stitching of the toe there appears to be an untanned part exposed. I would like to...
New Posts  All Forums: