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Thoughts on Mr.B for Aldo? They just came out with these: Very CP like, but the material seems to be nubuck.
I think this is residual detergent still in the canvas. Give a good thorough rinse and scrub, no more soap or detergent. I've had this problem before.
Thanks for the reply. Exactly what I was looking for.
Anyone who's had the chance to regularly wear the V2 Sneakers care to give an update on how their holding up? Thanks!
I have the same question. The sizing chart is confusing....
What's the problem exactly? too big? small? wierd fit?
For me, I'd like the leg opening tightened up a bit. Size 31 should be at 14" or very close to it. Many other brand's slim/skinny version taper this way. RT's, Tellasons, etc. I guess I am asking for a skinny fit
Chore coat in olive or light brown!
Price drop!
Description: #M996RRG in grey/white with subtle 3M reflective stripes. Mint, almost new (worn once) condition. Size 10 which is a tad too big for me. Retails for ~$140. Price: includes shipping to CONUS/Canada. Local pick up in Vancouver, BC
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