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I got my chore coat in a wrapper, no box
I've gotten all my stuff in padded envelopes.They can also stop using priority international and use a cheaper service. I shipped my Oak Street Bootmaker boots (bigger and heavier than anything Gustin will ship) from Vancouver to North Carolina and it only cost me $25 with the cheapest service with tracking. Yeah it took close to 10 business days but when we're already waiting 2 months sometimes more, whats another 2 weeks? I don't believe they're cheating us on...
Where are you in Canada? It's $60 to Vancouver. I agree it's ridiculous and with some investment and effort I'm sure they can get the Canadian and international rates down. Also, the jacket isn't that much more substantial compared to a pair of jeans. I don't see how shipping jeans vs the chore coat is a $40 increase.
\Cody mentioned the extra buttons included (duh!) which I didn't notice the first time. So this is an easy fix, but i really hope they upgrade the buttons eventually. Cody gave my $15 credit and will pay for the tailoring to fix. I never had any doubt about the excellent service Gustin offered and this is just more proof.
Yeah I definitely contacted them. They probably don't have any mediums in stock and I don't want to return the shirt considering all the time I've waited for it.
So, I just received the organic chambray backed in early May. To my shock one of the buttons snapped off on my first wear. Makes me totally sad, the fabric is awesome and the sewing is pretty good quality. I hope they start using better buttons.
Yeah, since I was part of the very first drop, there's nothing in their inventory. Hopefully as people get their jackets, someone will want to swap!
Got the Chore jacket in charcoal, size small and I feel it's too small for me. Does anyone with a medium feel like swapping? Thanks
Haven't even received a shipping notification for mine yet...
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